Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I will be bald!

So, stress is causing my hair to fall out. Isnt that cute? haha 

Im just gonna be coming home one hot mess... hahaha 

This week was a long one. I feel like Im working working working but Im still not seeing progress. This sector is really different than my other sectors and I feel like its the final "refiners fire" haha the last test! I know that my Padre Celestial wants me to learn so much, and he loves me SO much that he is willing to let me pass through hard times to become stronger, and more like his son Jesus Christ. BUT dont worry I still plaster a smile on my face even if I dont feel like smiling. I know my companion looks up to me (I dont understand why) and I feel the responsability to be a good example to her. 

ALSO she has had a rough week. THERE WAS A HUGE EARTHQUAKE IN CHILE! and a Tsunami! Everyone was freaking out thinking that the tsunami was gonna come to Ecuador and all this stuff. It freaked her out pretty bad... but then she felt better because someone looked up on internet for us where it was at and all that stuff. And turns out where she lives wasnt affected that much. They felt the earthquake but everything was okay...She said dont worry, my family is fine. Im just glad they werent in Santiago. I asked her why and she said, because Santiago would have been affected more. WHAT! I KNOW SOMEONE IN SANTIAGO!! haha (Someone kinda important...haha) and so I was a little freaked out (still am) I hope everything is okay over there. But anyways... so that was interesting aswell. Enough about my worries, how are you guys?? haha

Its really nice living with other sisters. Its always a little more fun when youve got other people to talk to aswell. The other day I taught the Latina sisters in my house what a rootbeer float is. But there isnt any rootbeer here so I used strawberry ice cream and a tropical soda. It worked out pretty good haha

This week we are gonna go to the temple... Im super excited because its well needed. Haha 

I love the mission. I love God. I love this work.

Hermana Miller

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