Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another week down!

Well, my time is starting to tick down. You would think that as I got more experience the mission would be easier right?? haha Well, I did too.. but this week has been difficult.
Sometimes its hard to stay positive. Its really hard training, and even harder with someone who isnt really used to the culture or mission life. Ive felt pretty alone this week, until something happened!
One day we walked from the morning all the way to five at nigt because no one would let us in, or they werent home. My companion just complained the whole time asking me why the people wouldnt let us in, why did I make us walk so much, that we dont have any good investigators, that I shouldve planned better, la la la... I know she does it just because she doesnt understand yet, and I imagine that day was harder for her than it was for me. Now, I feel bad about it but at the time I was pretty self-pittying. and it got to the point where I knocked on an investigators door and she told me she was too busy right now and closed the door... and I just stood there. There was no where else to go. I could feel tears stinging in my eyes, and a lump in the back of my throat. I wanted to cry so badly..... but I just wiped my eyes and we kept walking.
I just said a quick prayer and immediately I felt better. We walked with a little more purpose in our step as we tried to find someone to teach. I have had days like that my whole mission but I had forgotten something really important that day, I forgot to just enjoy it. Only for this time of my life would I be a full time missionary walking in the dusty dirt roads of Ecuador! Why wasn't I enjoying it? Because pretty soon I am gonna miss is so bad all I will do is dream about coming back here.
Sometimes in this life we get to a point where we "Just cant wait until..:" Like, I just cant wait to finish high school! I just cant wait untill the weekend! I just cant wait until im married, or happy, or done with whatever thing it is we are dealing with! And before we know it everything's over and we would give anything to go back and live it again. Don't wait until its over to love it! Enjoy every day, God gave it to you for a reason!
I love you guys so much! I love my mission (and my companion) even though we drive each other absolutely crazy. I know I have some patience to learn, and God is just giving me a chance to do so.
Love, Sister Miller
p.s. enjoy Hawaii this week! lol Im super jealous

my new companion!

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