Thursday, September 10, 2015

No tuve PDAY!

Hola! haha

To be honest, I was a little nevous thinking "shoot, I couldnt write on monday. My family will be super worried!" NOT turns out no one wanted to write me this week, haha its cool its cool, no biggy. Haha, just kidding, but seriously lol  (SIDE NOTE: MOMMA NEVER MISSES....UGGH! NOT SURE WHY SOMETIMES I DONT GET AN EMAIL OR SHE DOESNT GET OURS....HEART BREAKING! ...MOM)

Yesterday I was in a Leadership counsel meeting alllllllllllllllll day long in guayaquil, so no pday for me again, but its okay. I actually dont really mind. Our house just needs to be clean and im a little more tired than normal. But other than that the meetings are SUPER good and I lean so much. Today I had to giving a training seminar to my zone, haha I was a little nervous but I feel like I rocked it... haha at least I hope so! 

This week went by super fast... can you believe I will be home in less than 13 weeks?? WHAT. I still cant feel it. Haha...I feel like I have been here my whole life. What is Minnesota? Wha is snow? I do not know of these things.

We have been working our butts off! lol My companion still doesnt really got the hang of things, and she struggles a lot with somethings but I really am trying my best to help her adjust. Training helps me realize just how blessed Ive been in the mission, because even though it was SUPER hard (and still is) I was able to adjust quickly and fall in love with this work. I love being here, and a part of me will stay here when I go home. 

This week we were able to bring 4 people to church! Woohoo! I couldnt help but feel such joy to see the family we´ve been teaching in church! Tday, at 6 we will be extending a baptismal date to all of them! ASJDHAKSHDLASD.............. dont worry.... im expirienced! haha just kidding, I totally still get nervous to extend baptismal dates. But its just because I love them so much! 

I am glad to hear all is well at home, I have so much to share with you all when I get home. I have learned so much! and miss you all cada dia un poco mas! Nos vemos pronto, ya??


Hna Miller

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