Tuesday, September 15, 2015

La Paz 2

Well, Here I am in La Paz Portoviejo!

Wanna know something funny?... Cameron is in Chile, and has a companion from Ecuador.... I'm in Ecuador, and my companion is from Chile! haha Interesante!

This sector is actually super different. Its super commercial. Alot of businesses, and shops, and stores... and not much else. Its actually super hard. Satan has been hardening the hearts of these people for a while. Haha... lets just say we have had a lot of doors slammed in our face this week. Yesterday I was actually feeling super bummed. We had talked to what felt like 100 people and only 3 people were somewhat receptive. Yesterday, after even plan Z fell through, I was determined to have success so I marched right up to a door and knocked, out came a super religious man telling me just how wrong I was and how LITTLE he wanted to hear from us. I could feel hot tears burning in my eyes as he told us to go away. We had nothing else.. and we still had a couple more hours until we went home. Me and my companion, with all the frustration and tiredness we had, went and hid behind a semi truck to say a prayer... Asking God to guide us to someone that would receive us. We said Amen and started walking. We walked past a bunch of houses that we had never seen before until we found a weird ally way full of houses. The house on the very end had a light on, we went, knocked, and a girl of about 14 aƱos answered and called her mom. The first thing that came out of the moms mouth was "Pasen." We walked in sat down, and taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She had listened to missionaries before, a really long time ago! She even gave us food! haha... It was God´s way of humbling us, and showing us just how much He loves us... even if we have a long day.

I love you guys! and cant believe I am training again, haha Her name is Hermana Espinoza, and she is from Chile. She is super nice, shy, reserved... and she knows a lot about the scriptures! So that's cool!

Its weird just how different every companion is!

Love you all! Miss you all! See you next week!

-Hna Miller

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