Thursday, July 30, 2015

I am going to have a baby!, Well....Not Really!

Okay, so Im kind of freaking out. TRANSFERS CAME! Sister Velez was transfered. They called us at 11:00 at night and we packed until about 1 o'clock in the morning and got up at like 4:30 to go to the bus terminal. BUT... PLOT TWIST.... I wouldnt be traveling with her to pick up my new companion. I will be staying and working with Hermana Hobbs until wednesday... Why? You may ask! Because our companions havent arrived yet... I was so confused when they told me that... but what they were trying to say is... WE ARE GONNA TRAIN! Haha My companion is gonna be fresh from the MTC and I will be her trainer. asdjfhñasdfhañishfkasjdfhas I just about had a heart attack. Hahaha, the reason the title of this email is "Im gonna have a baby" is because when someone enters the mission field we say that they were "born" and when they leave they "die" haha and the trainers are like moms or dads hahaha.... so its official. Im a mom. Lol

Im gonna miss hermana Velez alot. But it was cool being her companion. I learned so much with her. This week went by soooooooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooow. No one came to church, and we dont really have any progressing. We just need to find more people. Ive got alot of work ahead of me!! But BRING IT ON! hahaha

I miss you guys so much, and love you even more. Thanks for always writing me :) You guys make me happy haha... I feel like so much has happened and so many things have changed. And it freaks me out quite a bit haha, but I know that everything will be okay. I miss you all BASTANTE... but I know I am in good hands.

Les quiero mucho!!

Love, Sister Miller

Have any questions for me????





(CCM Companion)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello Columbia!

Well this week was...... really long to be honest haha
The two baptismal dates that we had fell through and it really sucks. Miguel didnt show up to church and he like.. disapeared haha his family talks really bad about the church and so he doesnt really know what to do because he wants to get baptized. And Francisco moved :( his wife lives like 6 hours away and she has been really sick. He was just gonna go visit her to see if she was alright but then like one day later he came back, gathered all of his stuff and decided that he was gonna go live there and stay there. So that sucks, the good news though is that him and his wife are gonna get baptized, just not here with us... So kind of mixed feelings haha.

How are things on your end?? Lol Gloria, Danners mom is gonna make me a dress! Wohoo! haha so that is really exciting. She is really good at sewing.

OH YEAH I ALMOST FORGOT! They almost kicked me out of Ecuador (haha okay.. thats an exaggeration) but so like I told you guys last week I had to renew my visa... we drove 2 hours to guyaquil signed like 2 or 3 papers took our picture (we were there like 10 mintues) and then drove 2 hours home.. haha talk about frustrating. But turns out they changed the format and so if the office elders didnt change our documents and stuff in time they were gonna send us to columbia haha. The next day we had to travel AGAIN at like 6 in the morning to go to guayaquil and sign other papers! haha but this time wasnt AS frustrating because I was able to have an interview with my mission president despues and he is so cool. Haha So i have had to use quite a bit of money this week in travels (SORRY) but the office will re-emburse (i cant spell) haha 

I spent those two days traveling with Hermana Hobbs because she had to renew her stuff too. It was so much fun!

I love and miss you guys so much! Pretty soon here I will have 14 months! YIKES.

Love, Sister Miller

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I forgot to tell you.....T H E C H I C K E N!!!!

One of my ivestigators gave us a chicken! hahahahahaha She said hey before you leave I have a chicken for you! and she stood up and ran into her kitchen... I thought she was gonna bring us rice and chicken, fried chicken, grilled. No se! pero! She brought us a real live chicken! hahahaha so we carried him to the house of a member.... the member is gonna kill it and cook it for next saturdays lunch! We named him elder after we died laughing! what an expirience. I hope that no one gives us an animal thts bigger... like a goat!

Super Gringa!!!!!!!

Hello, My name is Sister Miller. Sometimes I forget that I am a gringa until I get some weird Jungle Influenza haha... 

So Ive been sick this week. Lol Monday allllll day and tuesday alllllll day I was stuck in the house with my companion with a super high fever of like 102.5, bone pain, headache, diareah, you name it. It was fantastic! Not, haha. The nurses told me that it couldve been Dengue or Chikungunya but luckily the fever went away and turns out I just had some really weird flu stuff.

Wednesday my fever went away and so we decided to go out and work... and guess what? WE WERE BLESSED FOR MY SACRIFICE, maybe I didnt feel all that well but we went out and worked for a little bit and we found someone SUPER excited about the gospel and he will be getting baptized the 25 of july!! Woohoo! His name is Francisco :)

Wednesday night at like 6 we went to Guayaquil because I had a leadership counsel meeting Thursday all day and we stayed the night close to a couple of my old sectors. So that was fun, I got to see some of my missionary friends from other zones. 

I saw Hermana Cordova, who told me that acouple of my converts have started returning back to some old habbits... and one has stopped attending church. It hurt me so bad to know that they are using their agency in a way that will only bring them problems. I know I am doing my part but it made me sad to know that not everyone will endure to the end.

Today, I will be traveling to Guayaquil again (sorry I have to take out money) to go renew my Visa haha,.... its weird to think that my visa is already close to expiring.

Other than that yesterday we were teaching a man that had never attended church but  felt so strongly to talk to him about baptism.. and guess what?? Now he will be getting baptized the 8th of August! haha and now he cant wait for Sunday! His name is Miguel :)

The Lord blesses us for our obedience!

Love, Sister Miller

super gringa!!!!super sick!

Freakin Gringa!!!!!!

Well, haha I dont know what I ate or what kind of bug bit me... but my stomache is NOT happy! haha being a gringa sucks sometimes.

Speaking of gringos... today we went to a mall to buy groceries and to eat lunch and I saw like three or four gringos! There I was walking along WHEN I HEARD ENGLISH! I wanted to go talk to them so bad. They were like three or four little grandmas and grandpas haha tourists yo supongo. But it was just weird seeing lol... gringos look funny!

When I walked into the mall today I felt like a caveman that had travel through time.. I hadnt been in something so americanized in like....8 months? haha the truth is being there with so much stuff,and music, and people, and just... I dont know.. normal stuff stressed me out haha so we werent there for much time... haha I dont know what I am gonna do when I get home! 

As for investigators and baptism and all that stuff.... we are kinda going through a dry spell... haha we walk and walk and walk... Its a little disappointing somedays. We feel like we are running in circles. We have invited SO MANY PEOPLE to baptism in these weeks.. but so far weve just gotta keep looking! I know God has prepared these people... we just gotta find them! 

Oh.. and the pope came to Ecuador so thats exciting I guess. But everyone is freaking out and always asks us what we think of the pope. Its a little funny- I told my companion we should try to take a pic with him. SELFIE;) haha Mormon missionaries with the pope. Classic. 

I know God is here in this work! Love you all!

Also, face wash that normally costs 4 or 5 dollars in the THIRTEEN DOLLARS here.... grr.. and yes I bought it haha (I was desperate okay??)

ALSO......... 13 months in the mission!! What??

Love, Sister Miller


So this week has been full of lots of different emotions, for starters, as you know I didnt have transfers but another sister in my zone did... and now? SISTER HOBBS IS IN MY ZONE! Woohoo! Good old memories from the MTC over a year ago!

Also, this week we had a baptism! A woman named Jana got married to Yovani this week.. and this Saturday she got baptized! (He was already a member, but now is reactivated) We got to go to her wedding, so that was cool. It was just at the city building and they just signed papers... but it was really special because she has wanted to get baptized for over 10 years!!! She told me that God just wanted her to learn patience until I got there to help them out. Haha, so that was really special :)

This week... hmmm.... nothing new is gonna happen but its the last week of June (when did that happen?????) Time goes by way way way way fast.

OH YEAH. I almost forgot... so story for the week, there we were walking in the street when all of the sudden a drunk man walks out of a bar (like a little old drunk man) so we crossed the street and started walking on the other side. When he saw me he started to yell HEY YOU.... COME HERE GUAPAS and so we started to walk a little faster. When we walked faster so did he.... and when I looked back HE STARTED TO RUN!!! haha I just about crapped my pants. So we both start to run for like two whole blocks until we hurry and ran into a little minni market store thing and the man at the store pretended that we werent there until the grandpa went away... hahaha it was scary when it happened but so so so FUNNY after, we about died laughing. And then we talked to the man at the store about the church. Haha... so that was cool!

Anything else?

haha Um... we need to find more investigators because we've had to leave quite a few because they dont wanna come to church. But I know if we keep working hard God will help us out :)

I love being a missionary! Ya mismo voy a tener 13 meses en la misión! 

Love, Sister Miller