Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Freakin Gringa!!!!!!

Well, haha I dont know what I ate or what kind of bug bit me... but my stomache is NOT happy! haha being a gringa sucks sometimes.

Speaking of gringos... today we went to a mall to buy groceries and to eat lunch and I saw like three or four gringos! There I was walking along WHEN I HEARD ENGLISH! I wanted to go talk to them so bad. They were like three or four little grandmas and grandpas haha tourists yo supongo. But it was just weird seeing lol... gringos look funny!

When I walked into the mall today I felt like a caveman that had travel through time.. I hadnt been in something so americanized in like....8 months? haha the truth is being there with so much stuff,and music, and people, and just... I dont know.. normal stuff stressed me out haha so we werent there for much time... haha I dont know what I am gonna do when I get home! 

As for investigators and baptism and all that stuff.... we are kinda going through a dry spell... haha we walk and walk and walk... Its a little disappointing somedays. We feel like we are running in circles. We have invited SO MANY PEOPLE to baptism in these weeks.. but so far weve just gotta keep looking! I know God has prepared these people... we just gotta find them! 

Oh.. and the pope came to Ecuador so thats exciting I guess. But everyone is freaking out and always asks us what we think of the pope. Its a little funny- I told my companion we should try to take a pic with him. SELFIE;) haha Mormon missionaries with the pope. Classic. 

I know God is here in this work! Love you all!

Also, face wash that normally costs 4 or 5 dollars in the US...is THIRTEEN DOLLARS here.... grr.. and yes I bought it haha (I was desperate okay??)

ALSO......... 13 months in the mission!! What??

Love, Sister Miller

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