Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

Well, here I am, sitting in a cyber in Ecuador! Almost 9 months later! I still cant believe I have almost 9 months in the mission. Time is flying by so fast but at the same time I feel like Ive been here forever.

I officially have the funniest looking tan lines in the whole world. Its really really bad haha... Im like a little white fish outta water here! Lol, but the ocean breeze is really nice.

I dont think I HAVENT eaten fish or shrimp since Ive gotten here... haha it used to be chicken and beef but now its sea food sea food sea food and SOMETIMES chicken.. still lots of rice though. I pray lots when we are eating that its not gonna make us sick lol our mamitas live in really humble houses... like I will be eating and all of the sudden chickens start running in like crazy! haha EW and I just remembered! the other day... there I was... drinking my juice... I was about half way done when I realized... ANTS.... HUNDEREDS....IN MY DRINK! Yuck.

This week was pretty hard not gonna lie... We had found quite a few people to teach but they are all falling through.. we had a person preparing for baptism but she didnt show up to church... so her date fell. We have a few investigators but its just rough because a lesson is more or less 30 min and then we just walk and walk and walk to find new people. We got a lot of doors shut in our face this week. Literally, one woman opened the door and I said "Hola, Como Esta, Mi nombre es Hermana Miller y ella es me.." BOOM door in the face without saying anything.

BUT even though there are a LOT of people that reject us, there are always the few "golden investigators" that we find and it makes everything worth it. 

Carnaval was SO loud! haha tons of music for three days staight! We just stayed in our house, two other sisters came to hang out with us... I made guacamole! It was really yummy. WE WATCHED TANGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died of happiness! haha it was in spanish but I didnt even care. Lol other than that our leaders sent us a ton of studies and practices to do. I couldnt wash clothes either because the city shut off the water for two days. (not our drinking water.. just shower.. laundry.. dishes) but it went by fast.

Today for Pday we went to a cementary! haha it was so creepy! They dont bury people in the ground they make little cement houses for each one or sometimes for families, they are like little tombs haha, so that was cool

My new sector is really sandy, dusty, hot, flat, and full of sun, but there is a lot of work so we are good to go. My companion gets down really easy.. and doesnt talk much, so that makes it hard sometimes but I am trying my best to be a good example to her and always stay positive.

I know that I was called to this sector for a reason, and I promise I am trying my hardest to find out what that is! 

I love you all so much and hope all is well. I see little blessings and miracles every day.

love, Hermana Sunburnt

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Holy Culture Shock!!!!!!!

Well, You may be wondering why I am writing you guys a couple days early.. haha dont worry I am not breaking the rules. Its just the fact that a celebration called "Carnaval" starts today! And starting at 6 tonight we arent allowed to leave the house untill wednesday! Haha... it gets a little crazy around here. People have big parties, drink, dance, and during the day they throw dirty water, rotten eggs and veggies, paint, ink, and flour at people that are walking around in the streets haha... and as a gringa missionary we are kind of a target. The whole mission is gonna be inside for a little over three days. I dont really know why they do it... but its tradition. and yesterday we saw people getting ready and lets just say I am glad we will be inside haha

My new sector is SO different! Its exactly what I pictured when I read "Ecuador" in my mission call papers. Dirt roads... sand EVERYWHERE. Houses made out of sugar cane (it looks like bamboo) dirt floors, cardboard and newspapered walls and I live like a 10 min walk from the ocean. The other day at lunch we arrived a little early and I regretted it so bad haha because we watched the people cooking... lets just say I was PRAYING that I wouldnt get diareah. lol as we were eating chickens were walking in and out of the house haha it was awesome

Which reminds me! My last day in guayaquil we were on the bus when I noticed the woman next to me had a LIVE chicken in her lap! (Next to her other groceries) lets just say that I am pretty sure she had chicken noodle soup that day.

I didnt end up eating guinea pig, I had transfers the day we were gonna eat it so that sucks, but whatever. haha

I love my new sector but its SO HOT its not as humid, and there is a nice breeze from the ocean... but the sun is SO STRO'NG. I am so sunburnt its not even funny. The first day I didnt use sunblock... but I learned quickly and have used it everyday since. 

We have three baptisms for the 7th of march and they are really awsome, its a little family.. we are working with the dad but he isnt really interested todovia.

Other than that there isnt much else. My companion finished her training with me on monday. annnnnd the hermana beofre we didnt leave much to work with. There was no one in the area book, the house was disgustingly dirty, lets just say she wasnt ready for transfers. But its okay, I am keeping a good attitude and working hard. Its just frustrating because I left a clean house, tons I mean TONS of progressing people, and an area book updated and everything. Just gives me a little more motivation to work I guess. I arrived, and the first thing I did was roll up my sleeves and scrub the toilet- Not even kidding haha

This is such a humbling expirience and my companion is so sweet. I love working with her and we get along really well. Any questions about my new sector or anything?

Love Sister Miller

Monday, February 9, 2015


So it sounds like you guys didnt get my emails, haha Im sorry I dont know what happened. BUT lots has happened.

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NO LONGER IN GUAYAQUIL! And im freaking out! haha I am by the ocean! On a little penninsula called La Libertad. My sector is called La esperanza! So as you can tell, I had transfers. We werent expecting it at all. We thought hermana Cordova was gonna have transfers, but nope. SORPRESA haha.. they called me at 11 at night so I sent alllllllll night packing. It was really hard leaving and this week has been really rough with my companion. Things kinda exploded and she said a lot of things that her bad.. but whatever. Whats done is done. I am gonna miss my converts here so bad. Its hard leavin because I probably wont see them ever again. 

My new sector is 2 or 3 hours outside of guayaquil. Its a little province and there is like nothing here.. hahaha lots of shacks... lots of dirt.. and not a whole lot more. But its nice because there is a nice breeze from the ocean. but the sun here is SO freaking strong! I am gonna be such a tomato here its not even funny.

My companions name is Hermana Espinoza (Another peruvian) and she is really nice, quiet, reserved.. Ive only known her for about 4 hours haha. She just finished her training and so I am senior companion. So thats pretty cool.

Yesterday three people excepted baptisimal dates and so we had four in total..... It was SUPER hard leaving knowing that YES they are my converts, but that I wont be there at thier baptism. 

I am excited for this transfer to see what happens and for real outside of guayaquil is even more of a culture shock!
This country is crazy! But I love it!

Hope you all had a good week!
Love, Hermana Tomato

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ocho Meses....Como?


This week went by super fast but was super duper stressful! Transfers are February 9th and we are really sure that Sister Cordova is gonna be transferred, and that means I will be left leading sector. YIKES. This is one of the biggest sectors in all of the mission. And you guys all know how easily I get lost... haha but I really am feeling a lot better because we had splits for 2 days (My companion went to another sector and the sister leader came to be my companion for a couple days) and guess what I DIDN'T GET LOST! haha YAY... I mean lets just say I was praying a lot. I know I am completing the promise in Ether 12:27... God is showing me my weaknesses and helping me become better! 

But its kinda sad that Sister Cordova is leaving :( I am gonna miss her a lot she is a really good missionary and we have had lots of fun together. That, and I don't want to get a cruddy companion.. haha

BUT GUESS WHAT I FOUND A PLACE THAT SELLS COI !!!!!!! I AM GONNA EAT GUINEA PIG THIS SATURDAY!!!! POR FIN! And they sell conejo as well (Rabbit) I am just so excited its not even funny.

My baptisms were really awesome and super special. The president of the mission and his wife even came to see it because he had heard all about Nora and how big of faith she had to close her shop so she could get baptized even though they didn't have any food. But we helped take care of that!


Also, I took out money to send cards, mail here is expensive and it makes me so mad because it doesn't always make it either. but whatever, I'm just happy that you guys have mail on the way! 

I love you all so much and know that the time is passing quickly so I try everyday to learn and grow just a little bit more. 


-Sister Miller