Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Holy Culture Shock!!!!!!!

Well, You may be wondering why I am writing you guys a couple days early.. haha dont worry I am not breaking the rules. Its just the fact that a celebration called "Carnaval" starts today! And starting at 6 tonight we arent allowed to leave the house untill wednesday! Haha... it gets a little crazy around here. People have big parties, drink, dance, and during the day they throw dirty water, rotten eggs and veggies, paint, ink, and flour at people that are walking around in the streets haha... and as a gringa missionary we are kind of a target. The whole mission is gonna be inside for a little over three days. I dont really know why they do it... but its tradition. and yesterday we saw people getting ready and lets just say I am glad we will be inside haha

My new sector is SO different! Its exactly what I pictured when I read "Ecuador" in my mission call papers. Dirt roads... sand EVERYWHERE. Houses made out of sugar cane (it looks like bamboo) dirt floors, cardboard and newspapered walls and I live like a 10 min walk from the ocean. The other day at lunch we arrived a little early and I regretted it so bad haha because we watched the people cooking... lets just say I was PRAYING that I wouldnt get diareah. lol as we were eating chickens were walking in and out of the house haha it was awesome

Which reminds me! My last day in guayaquil we were on the bus when I noticed the woman next to me had a LIVE chicken in her lap! (Next to her other groceries) lets just say that I am pretty sure she had chicken noodle soup that day.

I didnt end up eating guinea pig, I had transfers the day we were gonna eat it so that sucks, but whatever. haha

I love my new sector but its SO HOT its not as humid, and there is a nice breeze from the ocean... but the sun is SO STRO'NG. I am so sunburnt its not even funny. The first day I didnt use sunblock... but I learned quickly and have used it everyday since. 

We have three baptisms for the 7th of march and they are really awsome, its a little family.. we are working with the dad but he isnt really interested todovia.

Other than that there isnt much else. My companion finished her training with me on monday. annnnnd the hermana beofre we didnt leave much to work with. There was no one in the area book, the house was disgustingly dirty, lets just say she wasnt ready for transfers. But its okay, I am keeping a good attitude and working hard. Its just frustrating because I left a clean house, tons I mean TONS of progressing people, and an area book updated and everything. Just gives me a little more motivation to work I guess. I arrived, and the first thing I did was roll up my sleeves and scrub the toilet- Not even kidding haha

This is such a humbling expirience and my companion is so sweet. I love working with her and we get along really well. Any questions about my new sector or anything?

Love Sister Miller

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