Friday, July 18, 2014

Awesome Missionaries!

From the Senior Missionaries Brother and Sister Jones:

My husband and I are Senior Missionaries at the Mexico MTC.  During the past six weeks, we have grown to love your wonderful missionaries!  I miss them already!

I thought you would enjoy seeing their district picture and the departure tribute.



Monday night at 10:00 I will head to the bus station here at the CCM
10:15 we load up the bus and drive to the airport
My flight leaves at 2:15 in the morning on a big normal airplane
We arrive to Bogota Columbia at around 6:40 am
At 8:35 we board a tiny little scary plane and head to Guayaquil
we arrive at 10:25 am

I´m gonna be soooo tired haha 

anyways... I will be able to email you again on monday before I leave.
As for the calling... I have NO idea if I will beable to. So would you guys even want me to? It will be at really weird times because it will either be in Mexico waiting at my flight or in Columbia . so either way it will be REALLY early in the morning. because I cant call when im in guayaquil because we take a taxi to the mission home!

EEEEK im scared. Please send lots of prayers my way haha


I leave today! I'm kinda sorta freaking out haha I am scarred outta my mind. But SUPER SUPER excited! I wont get to email you until next Monday annnnnd the calling thing is looking like less and less of a possibility. I will try my best though! I love you so much and will be thinking about all of you while traveling!

Les Amo! I love you all! Thank you for all the prayers! Its gonna be a rough night and a hard transition! I´m gonna try my hardest as a missionary and I know that the Lord will make up for whatever I lack! 


Yo se que este evangelio es verdadero. Yo se que yo tenere muchas pruebas durante mi mision. Pero mediante fe en Jesucristo todas las cosas en esta vida son posible! Yo amo esta iglesia, yo se que Cristo vive! Yo he sentido su espiritu en mi vida y yo estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad a compartir este mensaje con las personas estan en Ecuador. Yo tengo miedo... MUCHISIMO. Pero Yo tengo un corazon de amor, y fe en Jesucristo. Este testimonio es la razon yo estoy aqui. Yo amo Mexico, y mi distrito 10-B pero es tiempo para un otro parte de mi vida! Les Amo mucho!

Hermana Miller

The final count dooown!

Well, this is it. I leave the CCM this Monday at about 10:00 at night!

I am so excited to leave, and to have at least a LITTLE more freedom, but terrified nonetheless!

Jessica was right, I will not be flying in a big airplane to Ecuador. I take a big normal airplane to Bogota Columbia, and then get on a little baby plane to fly into Guayaquil... hahaha... so ya. That is a little bit of scary news. Dont worry though, I will just strap myself on to the hay bale and sit next to some goats and chickens. Haha just kidding I dont think it will be THAT bad... but it will be pretty weird.

Also, now mom... Dont get your hopes up... but I MIGHT be able to call you from the airport! The deal is though its going to be pretty hard to tell you when.. haha I leave here at 10:00 at night and my flight from Mexico leaves at 2:15 in the morning... I might call you from Mexico (most likely)  or I might call in between flights, but I might not have time to during my layover. The problem is though I don't know how any of it works and they dont really tell you anything about it.. so please PRETTY please don't get your hopes up! I gotta figure out money stuff and time stuff still but I hope I can call you before 2:00 in the morning if that's okay lol

Fourth of July here was funny! All the Americans wore red white and blue and during lunch we walked in and the cooks had put out red white and blue table cloths! It was seriously the cutest thing ever, They made BBQ chicken and french fries and corn on the Cobb and some apple pie! They even had someone lead us in the national anthem. It was the cutest thing ever, it made me all teary eyed because they said "Even though you are far from home and families we wanted to surprise you with this little piece of home" It was so nice.

Yesterday was pretty cool because me and my companion were hostesses for all the new missionary so we wore a funny hostess badge thingy and helped missionaries check-in, go through orientation, and  find there houses and companions. It made me feel so old haha I cant believe I have been here for six weeks already, my time is up! I feel so nervous.

I feel ready to leave but not ready to go... if that makes sense my spanish isn't ANYWHERE as close as I wish it was and I am just sad to leave my companion and my roommates. They are like family to me.

okay haha... so funny story here. This girl from Hawaii had SUPER long hair, and wanted to get it cut to a super short a-line and heard that my companion cuts hair, so she asked if she´d do it. We were all just hanging out talking and chatting on pday and she comes over to get her hair done and Hna Hobbs says she is gonna just put it in a ponytail and chop off the big hunk of length so I was all "OMGSH CAN I DO IT?" and the girl is super chill so she is like sure I dont care... she knew that I had never done it before... but was totally okay with it! (brave girl) haha so yup. Thats what I did today.. I chopped off this girls ponytail! Jess would be proud! Obviously afterwards Hna Hobbs did the rest and made it all pretty and such... Just thought Id share. haha It was so much fun!

I feel ready to leave but not ready to go... if that makes sense my spanish isn't ANYWHERE as close as I wish it was and I am just sad to leave my companion and my roommates. They are like family to me

Hermana Miller was so excited this Hermana let her cut her pony tail off! Brave girl!

she labeled this one "purple blanky"

Les amo mucho!

-Hna Miller

I will be on again at about 5:30 to answer questions about flight plans! Bye!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gym Struggles, hahaha!

Okay so, we all know I am not the star athlete of the family, but I´d say I was doing pretty great all up until the point where I got a volleyball spiked directly to my face! Hahaha... and guess who it was from? Brayden Connor! From Lakeville, it seriously hurt so bad haha but I just laughed it off and it was more of a blow to my pride than to my face. Hahaha... just thinking about it makes me laugh.. and the fact that it was from someone I actually know makes it even funnier. He apologized lots and felt really bad but it was funny, and the good news? No black eye!

Also, this one will make Mariah proud, My companion Hna. Hobbs LOVES working out, like A LOT. haha and so yesterday she taught me all kinds of weightlifting stuff. Needless to say.. I feel like a limp noodle. My arms are so sore! haha I dont know how you do it girl! 

AND GUESS WHAT I can pretty much do the splits now, so thats cool. The Hermanas I live with are cheerleaders/dancers so they are pretty determined to help me figure this out. I´m actually pretty flexible!

Im starting to get super nervous for the mission field. I leave here on the 15th so I dont have very much time left, I DON'T FEEL READY. I hope the spanish comes soon, haha praying for a miracle! also, we are really spoiled here, we dont cook, we dont clean, and I just am loving the CCM. My district and companion are super fun and easy to work with... I have a feeling im in for some trouble!

Being a missionary is really hard, even in the MTC, but I decided that living without the gospel would be a whole heck of a lot harder! So I gotta go kick Satans Butt!

"La fe es el poder, la obedencia is el precio, el amor es el motivo, el espiritu es la clave, y Jesucristo es la razon!"

"Faith is the power, obedience is the price, love is the motivation, spirit is the key, and Jesus Christ is the Reason!"

These have been the hardest five weeks of my life, but I just think of how happy this gospel makes me and all the blessings I have BECAUSE of it and that thought keeps me going!


Hna Miller

p.s. Hna Hobbs cut my hair today and it is REALLY cute, not different by much just needed to be freshened up. BUT it made me miss Jess so much! I love and miss you all!

 haircutby Hermana Hobbs!


 it rains a TON here!
mas lluvia!