Thursday, December 12, 2013

Procrastination Station! Toot-Toot!

What a better way to procrastinate homework/studying than to do something completely unrelated!
(and more fun)

So, surprisingly my time in Rexburg has gone by pretty quickly, its almost time for me to head on back to good 'ole Minnesota! Eh?
(Funny side story: Idaho has been getting pretty dang cold lately and the other day some people were talking  about what track system they were on and when they asked mine I answered "I'm fall/spring" and they replied with "man you're so lucky, you get to skip out on winter semester and go home to some place warm, Idaho is freezing!" I couldn't help but laugh.... Minnesota? Warm? Ya-No. It will be even COLDER in Minnesota. Suck it up ya big babies!)

Every college student knows that end of semester also means you have (Butt-Loads) of stuff to do. Packing, cleaning, studying, finals, homework, papers, projects, etc.....

I am so beyond ready for a break.
I have been going to school without breaks for OVER a year now. 
Senior year in high school -----> Summer semester in Provo -----> Fall semester in Idaho
It's about time I run on home to my family, I cant wait to see them!

Meanwhile, I will be here in Rexburg (trying to) study and get ready to leave.
And chances are, whoever is reading this is procrastinating as well so I might as well make things interesting for you. Enjoy the following pictures!

I don't know why... but this is hilarious to me.


And that tells you everything you need to know men.

I feel like the fact that I own a wiener dog makes it okay that I post this picture. Hahahaaaa... Maybe not but who cares :)



XOXO Until next time, 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How it feels to be of a different faith

I came across this essay I wrote back in my junior year of high school on my experience of moving to Minnesota, thought I would share! 

         I find it almost humorous how as children we perceive the world through such na├»ve and censored lenses that we don’t realize the differences in others. However, I don’t see this as an entirely bad state of mind. In fact, I believe it allows us to see who a person actually is without corrupting our views with unsuitable stereo-types and judgments. As children grow up they naturally fall into a state where labeling is common. A person turns into a genius, an idiot, a beauty, a freak, or whatever other label they get marked with. We all come to realize that everyone isn’t exactly like us. People believe in, work for, encourage, promote, and reject, all different kinds of things and ideas. It makes us different from one another, and when society sees something that’s different, it usually makes it known.
Growing up in Utah, everyone I knew came with the label “Mormon,” or at least knew of the background and history that we hold. That’s just the way things were. In fact, people associate Utah with Mormons. It’s just as much a part of my childhood as it is a part of me. I found myself raised in the church and still to this day attend. No matter how far I look back I remember myself, every Sunday, sitting in the cushioned pews, singing and listening to the songs that fill the room as well as everyone’s hearts. The strength I’ve felt, and answers I have found, remain deeply embedded in my heart. Having no idea that my standards and outlooks made me distinctive or uncommon my state of mind remained unchanged. In my youthful state I assumed everyone was like me, which I find a commonality among the way children reason. With that in mind, I figured since my religion guides us to dress modestlyto not consume alcohol and drugs, to not drink coffee or tea, and even to not swear or say the Lords name in vain, that everyone else would act in accordance to those guidelines as well.   As a child, that’s all I knew, but as my life’s tally gains more and more slashes with each coming year, I’ve become greatly aware of something. My religion makes me different.
          People, who don’t even know me, find the fact that I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as odd. This became apparent to me when my dad’s job tied my family together and shipped us some place new. Looking back, I remember my little thirteen year old self going to my new school for the first time. It was frightening to begin with.Walking into the new classrooms I could sense the curious eyes of those around me like I was an ant under a magnifying glass.As the days faded farther and farther away from my mind, so did my “New-kid- fears”. I began to settle in, meet new friends, and become more outgoing. However, people were quick to realize that I was different. The way I talked made me different. The things I participated in made me different. Overall something about me just wasn’t common.
Sitting in my boring, and somewhat uncomfortable desk, I can remember their faces turned in their chairs looking at me. Their questions, loud and echoing, are still sharp in my mind. I could hear the clock ticking in slow motion as I tried to come up with a response to the onslaught of voices surrounding me. I could feel my stomach turn as the nervousness crept in. Their eyes, anxious for answers, looked at me curiously as I choked out a nervous sounding laugh.
        “So, you are Mormon, aren’t you?” the boy in front of me asked.
        “Mmmhhmm,” I confirmed quietly. At least that question was easy.
        “Are you really? How many moms do you have? Why can’t you date anyone, is it because your parents decide who you marry? Do you guys really wear that funny underwear? he questioned me, gaining more confidence.
        The girl to my right had then decided to join the conversation, “Everyone knows Mormons have at least three moms, my dad even said so.”
        “I uh, I only have one mom.” I replied, my face red from embarrassment.  “And I can date I just have to wait until I turn sixteen. And, uh, my underwear is normal.”
        This memory will be kept with me for the rest of my life. I believe it has helped me grow and learn about the world around me.  Living in Minnesota has made aware that a lot of people are uninformed, unknowledgeable, or shocked by what a Mormon actually does and what we believe. Some look at me with an odd expression on their face as though I had just told them that I was grown from a petri dish. Like I’m something to be studied, or mocked. When in reality, I am just a person, a person with ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, a nose, ears, a mouth, even a heart. Just like the billions of other people in this world.
All people believe in different things, practice different traditions, and have different standards. We shouldn’t look at someone and see them as anything besides a person. Whether they are a Muslim woman who completely covers her body as a sign of modesty, an Indian man who won’t cut his hair unless showing a sign of grief, or even a Mormon girl who believes that a young prophet could restore a Latter-day religion, they are human, just like everyone else. Rumors, jokes, and stereotypes fly from mouths of people who don’t even know, or don’t fully understand something. People scoff and say “You actually do that?” as if I would lie about it. When in turn, I could say the same about what they believe in as well.
        In a way, it’s like the glasses that shielded our eyes as children have been completely discarded. Making us see the differences between us. We find them intimidating. The world creates a false sense of “normality”, but what is normal? Who is normal in a world full of people completely different from one another? I find the answer simple, no one. So I have one remaining question. How can someone judge and discriminate a person for their beliefs being different, when in the grand scheme of things, their own beliefs coexist differently as well? I do not think we should try to see through the naivety of youth,but that we should recognize the differences in ourselves as well as others and not see them as something worthy of being mocked, or causing shameTo look at someone as a person and for what they stand for, is how we should perceive and interact with each other. Through this, we can learn to respect our differences, whether you are of a different heritage, a different culture, or even of a different faith.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fa-La-La-La-La'ing in Love with Winter

Hey guys! It's officially winter, and you know what that means! CHRISTMAS TIME. This is my favorite time of year. Hot cocoa, candy canes, presents, family, lights, sales, nativity, decorations, and Christmas music (I started that last one a couple weeks ago.... guilty as charged.)

This weekend I got into the Christmas spirit by heading out to temple square to see the lights with my man! It was SO much fun! When I came back home to Idaho my apartment was all decked out with decorations, Santa baby is playing on the radio, Christmas hymns in church, big sales in stores.... I cant help but feel it.

I've been infected by the Christmas bug. 

So now combining Christmas fever with my love for making lists I decided to make a "Holiday Bucket-List"

  1. Make homemade Hot-Chocolate
  2. Do at least ONE Pinterest-decoration idea
  3. Make a snowman
  4. Have a snowball fight (and win)
  5. Go sledding
  6. Fall asleep by the fire
  7. Make a "Christmas playlist"
  8. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater
  9. Make a gingerbread house
  10. Make snow angels! 
  11. Drink LOADS of eggnog (non-alcoholic of course)
  12. Make gingerbread men FOR my gingerbread house
  13. Make gingerbread women FOR my gingerbread men
  14. Go frolicking in the snow 
  15. Hot tubbing/rolling in the snow (This is one of those "You know you're from Minnesota IF....")
  16. Catch snowflakes on my tongue
  17. Listen to ALL of the Elvis Presley Christmas songs EVER
  18. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" 
  19. Spend way too much time on ABC Family
  20. Spend as MUCH time with loved ones as I can :)
What are YOUR Christmas plans this year????

Talk to ya next time!
-A Christmas-Crazy named Megan

My man :) Such a sweetie :)

(Don't know what that is? Check out for more info)

Remember that CHRIST should always be a part of Christmas.

Merry (almost) Christmas!

PS........ It just started snowing.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Late-Night Pizza (Experiences of a college student)

Hello everyone,

Just sitting here on a random Friday night with nothing going on so I thought I'd make a quick post. College life is pretty much what everyone says it is. In simple terms I'd say it's tiring, stressful, exciting, busy, fun, crazy, overall it is an adventure. Here are some random things that have gone on the past two semesters to explain what I mean:

1. Late/early trips to Denny's!
This summer me and my friends would randomly find ourselves hungry around one in the morning so we would think to ourselves "Why not?" It taught me that pancakes taste good at ANY time.

2. Movie Marathons
No joke, I do not think me or my roommate Emily have ever seen so many movies in this short of a time span in our entire lives. From Disney to romance we have pretty much watched it all!

3. Homework Binges
Okay... I know this isn't a GOOD thing but its impressive nonetheless. Lets just say sometimes I let procrastination get the best of me so there are some days where it is non-stop cramming.

4. Creative shopping
This one is funny yet sad. What I mean by it is obviously, being a college kid, I am broke. This however, gives me the opportunity to get creative with planning meals and grocery shopping all the while paying for gas!

5. Weird Sleep Schedule
Late nights early mornings, early nights, late mornings! With different classes throughout the week my sleep is never really "scheduled" sometimes I sleep in some days I get up early!
(lets just say, on the early days I do NOT look cute)

6. Roomies
My roommate as you guys know is my friend Emily Briggs and its been great! We are both stubborn as heck and always driving each other nuts but I wouldn't trade her for anyone! Having a roommate is like having a sleepover with your best friend every night!

College has been great and definitely a new experience. There are some things that suck but even the cons help me learn and grow as a person! I love college and I love the experiences it has brought me!

-Tired of laundry, homework, and ramen but loving it all the same!

XOXO- a student named Megan

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hey Guys,

Happy Holidays!!! This is my favorite time of year for many reasons some include: food, Halloween, Thanksgiving, food, Christmas, New Years, food, and ......  Food? Did I mention that I love the food?

All jokes aside though, this time of year is amazing. Friends and families get together to enjoy each others company and talk about what they are thankful for. So I thought to myself.. Why not share some of the things that I am thankful for?

T- I am thankful for my miniature dachshund, Tootsie!
H- I am thankful for my HAPPY family :)
A- I am thankful for all my wonderful friends!
N- I am thankful for naps :) I guess that's college life for ya.
K- I am thankful for the opportunity to increase my knowledge by attend college. (Haha, that rhymed)
S- I am thankful for my siblings and all the laughs we have!
G- I am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I- I am thankful for the knowledge that I am a child of God.
V- I am thankful for my very sweet boyfriend, Cameron.
I- I am thankful for individuality. I love expressing what makes each of us different!
N- I am thankful for Nutella. Why? If you are asking this, I assume you've never had Nutella.
G- I am thankful for a loving God, who blesses me everyday.

What are you thankful for this year?



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

College Chapter Two: Rexburg, Idaho

Hey guys! 

Its been awhile, I'd be surprised if anyone actually reads this any more, but I thought i'd update you guys on what's going on! After summer semester ended I moved in with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brian :) I chilled with their little kiddos and actually got to take their school pictures for them! It was a lot of fun.

 Gotta love her boots!
 City Piano
 I love these little chickens :)
 One, Two, Three- JUMP!
 He hated me for it, but I got a good pic of him!
 Gotta love her sass!
 Say cheese!
 Sweet smiling :)
 Got the pretty blue eyes!
 Handsome guy :)
 Silly kiddos, I miss them!
 I love my little red :)
Stopped at the train station!
After I lived with them for a couple months I packed up my little Ford Fiesta and drove four hours to little 'ole Rexburg. I had never been to Idaho and didn't really know what to expect, but lets just say all the assumptions are correct. Lots of fields, lots of potatoes, and not a whole lot of anything else. As you guy's know I never planned on going to BYU-I but life threw me a curve ball and here I am to make the best of it! 

Life here is going good, I'm still trying to adjust but I just gotta give it a chance. I miss my friends in Provo and my family in Minnesota but I talk to them often and Cameron and I try to visit each other as often as we can. IN FACT, me and my roommate Emily went down to Provo for General Conference a couple weeks ago! Me and Cameron went on a super fun date with a comedy show, ice skating, tandem bike ride, he pulled out ALLLL the stops! I'm so lucky to have a guy like him :) Count your blessings right?

Also, another blessing is my roomie Emily :) I've known her since Sophomore year in High school and lets just say we've been through lots together. Even though we bicker she keeps me sane! I love her!

So here I am trying to take life one step at a time! I know that even though we experience hard times in life we can still take a step back and try to appreciate the little things! 

-A nerd named Megan!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Here I am!

This summer has been anything but boring. I've moved out, traveled to Provo, and experienced life here at BYU.

My semester here in Provo is almost over but I've had memories and experienced things I will never forget. Although it will be hard to leave to Idaho this fall I know that if I work hard and try my best everything will turn out how it's supposed to be.

Anyways, here goes a little mini review of whats been going on......

I've hiked waterfalls with my roommate Caree!
Chilled with my FHE group!
Went dancing with my man!
Watched Fireworks!

and sooooooo much more stuff. I truly am having the time of my life here. Sure I have my ups and downs but I know this is where I want to be and I cant wait to see where life takes me. Feeling good!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I don't wanna grow up :(

I move out in 12 days. This is basically what I'm thinking....

-I have to buy my own groceries 
-I have to COOK the food I buy
-I have to buy stuff like shampoo.... And toilet paper!
-no tootsie or Savannah

.........excited: yes. Nervous: YES!

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Trip of a Lifetime

Hey guys! Took a couple of weeks to post this but GUESS WHAT! I'm back from Europe! It was absolutely amazing! I had the time of my life and it is definitely something I will never forget.

It all started when my good friend Miss Hansen came from Virginia....we were a little excited..haha

On march 29 we went to the airport around 8:00 pm to check in and everything.....our flight was at 10:30 so we had quite a wait....

March 30
After a 7 hour flight over the ocean we time traveled into Europe and jet lag was rough but we were running off of adrenaline at that point. Our first stop was London, England! All the buildings were so tall and so much more detailed than the ones back home. The first day we just walked around the heart of London it was such a cool experience! Tons of people, trollies, bright red telephone booths, the "tube" (their version of a subway), street performers and everything! Plus the food was pretty good. We ate some yummy fish n' chips! P.S. People drive on the wrong side of the road! And the steering wheels are on the other side too!!.... Weird..

March 31
Easter Sunday! We spent the morning attending part of mass in the St Paul Cathedral it was REALLY big and quite frankly a bit scary! We also took a bus tour around London where we saw Big Ben, The Eye, and The tower Bridge. After that we had free time to walk around and shop. (Had to watch out for pick pockets though... They are everywhere in Europe :P)

Phrases learned in London: "Mind the gap!" "God bless the queen!"

April 1
We took a train to Paris and were absolutely exhausted. More time changes! AND the equivalent to daylight savings... Which means more lost hours of sleep but we were hanging on pretty well thanks to seminary I'm assuming. But Paris was cool, lots of graffiti and hobos but still what I expected. France is a little different then England though, wider roads, scary drivers, prettier buildings. There were balconies EVERYWHERE and so much history. We climbed the Arc De Triumph... 280 steps... Quite the work out for us Americans. Haha after that we went to probably one of my favorite places.. It was a little artist square where artists, painters, musicians, street performers gather and there are little shops and cafes. It was awesome... Also had a DELICIOUS crepe. Also, we didn't understand more English from this point on.

April 2
I was breaking the bank at this point, haha sorry Mom, but this place was amazing I couldn't help it!! We ate tons of French food like a "torque de Madame" and "macaroon" soooooo gooood. I can't even describe how delicious. Also, this day was when we saw the Eiffel Tower! It is so beautiful and incredibly tall! We also ended up in Moulin Rouge which is basically the "Vegas" of France, except its know for its red light district... It was very scary. Haha lets just say I'm glad prostitution is illegal in our country. Haha...

April 3
Our hotel in Paris was really sketchy but day five was our last night. We went to the Louvre which was cool we saw thousands of paintings and sculptures.. Most famous would be the Mona Lisa (not that impressive actually) but we also saw Notre Dam Cathedral (no hunchbacks this time around) but the rose window was stunning and the whole church was just very interesting to walk through.

Phrases learned in Paris: "merci" "pardon"..... That's all I got. Haha other than saying thanks and sorry I would just point to things and speak English haha

April 4
We rode the night train allllll night (12 hours) to Italy and boy was it rough.. Very cramped... Out of order bathrooms..Noisy.. And hot. Haha.... Yeaaah.... What an experience. But our hotel here was normal so that was good. Florence was probably my favorite place everything was incredible. The food, the surroundings, the people, the language I loved it all! We climbed the Duomo which was 463 steps..... And let me tell ya they were BIG steps haha and since we were climbing through the walls of the dome it was very tight and we had to crouch through some of it but the view was breath taking! Totally worth it. P.s. had an amazing 4 course meal that day as well.

April 5
After Florence we traveled to Assisi which was the cutest little village I've ever seen! Little streets, hills, cafes, shutters, balconies, olive trees *sigh* ..... I miss that place. This day was a little more on the relax side but still amazing. Our bus drivers name was Pasqualey haha... He was awesome. We also visited another cathedral this one was built to honor Saint Francis of Assisi and it was very old and had a lot of history to it as well.

April 6
Rome! You know what they say... When in Rome, do as the Romans. Haha... Just kidding. This place was amazing as well we saw the colosseum, the Spanish steps, ate lunch in front of the pantheon while listening to a performer play the accordion, and we even went to the Trevy Fountain! It's this huuuuge fountain where you take three coins and throw them over your shoulder (alternating sides) one for good luck, one to return to Rome, and the last is so that someday you will find love and be married!

Phrases learned in Italy: "ciao" "grazie" "prego" and "arrivederci"

After our wonderful travels it was eventually time to go home we packed up bright and early left at 5:00 am and traveled a total of 23 hours back home. We had a layover in Amsterdam, Holland and eventually made it back home where we crashed for 5 days straight.

I'm so incredibly thankful for this experience, I will never forget it!

- A Travel addict named Megan!