Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Birthday(to me)!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I only have time to write one email right now, so please forgive me if I dont respond to your personal messages!
Today we were in a Leadership meeting all day, and for this reason I couldnt write. I am one of six in the whole mission! Wow! What pressure! haha I have a lot of praying to do! But I am up for the challenge, I feel such a big need to help and I love this work!
As for my packages, I still havent recieved anything :( But thats okay, its the thought that counts! I dont feel like its my birthday tomorrow, and its so weird that I am 20 years old! I feel so old even though I am one of the youngest in the mission, haha and my companion doesnt let me forget how "baby" I am compared to her.
But thanks for all the birthday wishes! I will write you all next week! I love you all so much!!
love, Megan
P.s. MARIAH, be careful! you made me all worried! ice pack heat pack REPEAT haha I love ya sis- 
and Jessica... You made me cry! Your house looks beautiful. I am so happy for you. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Ate Octopus!!!!!

Hello everyone!

This week went by super fast, I feel like yesterday was P-day. But guess what? WE HAVE TWO PEOPLE THAT ARE GONNA GET BAPTIZED! Omar and his 9 year old son Jahir! They are so happy and they cant wait. The gospel really changes peoples lives for the better!

Also, this sunday we actually brought people to church! Woohoo! SUCCESS! lol por fin!

These past months have been killer but they are finally paying off. 

ALSO.... I ate octopus! AND I LOVED IT. It was so yummy I could eat it everyday. Weirdest things i've eaten? Chicken feet, cow stomache, octopus...and some stuff that I really dont have any idea what it is la verdad. Haha STILL no guinea pig... but ive got my fingers crossed.

We had to walk through an outdoor market yesterday to get to church and it was so cool! Fruit ive never seen or heard of, and fish bigger than savannah! Im not even kidding it was huge! octopus, crabs, you name it!

Well, its official I am now the Hermana Leader in my zone. President came out from guayaquil to interview us and in my interview he told me that I am the next "Lidereza" in our zone. Now every month I have to travel to guayaquil for a leadership meeting to see how we can help out our zone. Its like when dad was moved from market manager to Regional. Haha so thats cool.

Well! Hope you all had a good week! Love ya'll

Hermana Miller

walking and walking and walking!!!! Blisters and Blisters and Blisters








                                                                  THIS IS A MEDICAL BUILDING! YIKES!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Ouch Ouch Ouch and Eeeeewwwww!

My poor little feet. Haha this week we have walked SO much and its been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot! haha Somedays I feel like I am getting used to the heat but then the sun is like "haha, stupid gringa" and the next day is even stronger. Lol

It doesnt help that we are walking in sand all day long, It makes me feel like the episode of spongebob where spongebob and squidward are stranded and they have to deliver the crabby patty pizza...Spongebob sings "the crusty crab pizza, is the pizza for you and meeee" and squidward starts sing "ow ow ow ow owow and my feet are killing meeee" haha 

This week we found a couple families who want to listen and we are super excited! I will let you know how it goes. I know that God is really taking care of us here. One of the brothers makes me think of Uncle Jason. Haha, tall, round, and is really funny. 

Sorry this letter is short, im gonna try and send pictures!


there I was walking with my companion, when we stopped to wait for a bus. about two seconds later i heard a POP sound and felt something hit me on the head. I reached up to see what it was.... and almost died. A FAT PIGEON POOPED ON MY HEAD! haha I was screaming and laughing soooo bad, my companion almost peed her pants.And the other people that were waiting for the bus just sat and stared at us... hahah it was sooooo funy. Because when I am surprised I cant speak spanish very well. So a bunch of ecuadorians got to watch a tall chubby gring scream and talk in english. It was fantastic. NOT haha but we had to go home and my companion washed my hair in the kitchen sink.... lol..... it was really funny.

I hope this story made you smile... because it sure made me laugh!

 10 months!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Positive thoughts positive thoughts.....


Okay, so this weekend has been the most stressful and also one of the most disappointing weekends yet. God wants me to learn to be patient and humble, at least thats what it seems like. General Conference weekend is one of the craziest times for a missionary, because the investigators and less actives have FIVE chances to attend church, not just one. And to be considered "progressing" they have to attend church. Also, our informs that we give each week to our leaders are expected to be five times bigger than the average sunday because its five chances, not just one.... stress? YES. I felt like dad at work when the big wigs come into town. Haha my companion and I worked so so hard this week, but everyone was out of town, busy, hiding from us, or just plain out rejecting us. We had two rays of hope, a man named Israel, and another investigator named Omar. They both told us they were gonna come to the conference. 

Israel, starting saturday night rejected our phone calls and likes to pretend he isnt home. So he never showed up. And Omar told us that he was on his way and we waited....and waited....and waited.... but he never came. Turns out he went out of town and didnt wanna make us feel bad. Haha

So after the conferences we were in a meeting with the other missionaries in our zone and one by one we had to tell our leaders how many people we brought to church... every companionship brought people...2...3.. even 4 or 5 people to church. When it was my turn I was feeling pretty down... we were the only missionaries that didnt have anyone at the conferences. We are having a hard time finding investigators and the investigators that we DO have, arent really progressing.

At first I was embarassed.. wondering if all the missionaries think that we werent working, or that we were slacking off.... So that night when I was praying I was feeling pretty down, but after I was laying in bed trying to sleep a thought came to me that made me understand a little bit better. I know that I have been working hard, my companin knows that we have been working hard... and most importantly God knows that we have been working hard. Thats the only thing that matters! Sometimes as missionaries we have to pass through difficulties just to understand a small portion (really really small portion) of what our Savior suffered for us a long time ago.

Also, we had a really stange but (awesome) expirience the other week with hermana espinoza before those cambios....

There we were teaching a lesson at two of our investigators la la la la laaaa todo esta bien, when all of the sudden the neighbor, who just so happens to be an evangelist preacher walked in. So we thought "well, we better keep teaching" until about two minutes in she interupted me and started "preaching" saying all kinds of horrible things about our church, about us as missinaries, about the united states, alllllllllll kinds of stuff. For like ten minutes. We tried talking and continuing our lesson but she kept interupting us. It was awful. I was so nervous I was shaking... But I hurried and did a prayer asking to know what to do. And thats when a picture came to mind... a picture I have seen about a million times in seminary, primary, sunday school.... The picture is from a story in the book of Mormon. When Abinadi is in shackles, standing infront of the wicked king Noah and his priests (I think they are his priests... no me recuerdo) and he is bearing his testimony and king noah wanted to kill him but he was filled with the power of God that gave him the strength to bear deliver his message. So, after a couple of more quick prayers, I slowly stood up (I was so freaking nervous) and began to bear my testimony. Saying that I know God loves us. That we have been called by him to declare the gospel, that im not here to judge or be judged but to show people the way to God, etc...for about 5 minutues (it felt like 10 years) and when I had finished I felt tears running down my face, I didnt even know that I had been crying. We said sorry to our investigators and told them that we would come back another time, and left. But I really am so grateful for every primary lesson, early morning seminary, and whatever other preperation that I had for this experience. I know God is with us, and if we have the courage to open our mouths he will fill us with what to say. As a reminder of this night I now have this picture of Abinadi taped on the wall next to my bed.

anyways, as you can tell, ive had an interesting week, haha and the people here dont celebrate easter, so thats lame. So no fancy dinner for me, lol but im glad to know all is well at home!

I hope you all had a good week, and dont worry next week I will send pictures! I love you all so so so much :)
hna Miller

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Well hello there!

Okay, I am going to start this letter off with a story that REALLY happened to me this week. Hahahaha....

There I was... sweaty, sunburnt, and covered in mosquito bites. Talking to one of our investigators through his store's window... when I felt someone behind me so I turned around quick to find that a really short latino was standing really close behind me so I quickly moved to the side and said "Sorry, you scared me, I didnt see you there" and he said "Its okay but I didnt know that my face was THAT ugly" and I kind of just laughed and said "No I just didnt see you" and thats when he responds "Thats okay... because you scared me with your belleza (Beauty)" hahahahahahahaha......... En serio??? The investigator almost died of laughter. It reminded me of the part in Nacho Libre when he has on the little white pants and he was trying to flirt with the nun.... This is pretty much my life now. Lol

Anyways, this week has been REALLY stressful and long. Our results have never been so low in allllllll of my 10 months in the mission. We have almost nothing, and so it makes the days really long. We are working so hard, we are studying so much, we are being so obedient... I dont know what else I need to do but Im willing to keep working to figure it out.

My companion is nice, but she doesnt listen very well... like I will be talking or telling a story and she will interupt me with something completely off topic so its kinda like okaaaaaaaaaaaaay haha so.... ya, Lol. But she is a cute little peruvian and is really obedient and is funny as well. But she really is nice. Its really weird sometimes because she is like 10 years older than me, but im senior companion so I feel really weird being incharge. She misses her other sector alot (they had a very prosperous sector) and sometimes the thing she says "but in MY sector.." "in MYYY sector" and it makes me feel bad because I am pretty sure she thinks that the reason our numbers are bad is because of me. One thing that I really do like is that she is a really hard worker so we are working hard to find people and to keep going. 

I am certainly learning how to be patient and humble.

I cant believe its already April! I will have 10 months this week! WHAT????

Time keeps going, Im working super hard and cant wait for conferences! This time around I will beable to understand! Woohoo!!

love, Sister Miller