Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Well hello there!

Okay, I am going to start this letter off with a story that REALLY happened to me this week. Hahahaha....

There I was... sweaty, sunburnt, and covered in mosquito bites. Talking to one of our investigators through his store's window... when I felt someone behind me so I turned around quick to find that a really short latino was standing really close behind me so I quickly moved to the side and said "Sorry, you scared me, I didnt see you there" and he said "Its okay but I didnt know that my face was THAT ugly" and I kind of just laughed and said "No I just didnt see you" and thats when he responds "Thats okay... because you scared me with your belleza (Beauty)" hahahahahahahaha......... En serio??? The investigator almost died of laughter. It reminded me of the part in Nacho Libre when he has on the little white pants and he was trying to flirt with the nun.... This is pretty much my life now. Lol

Anyways, this week has been REALLY stressful and long. Our results have never been so low in allllllll of my 10 months in the mission. We have almost nothing, and so it makes the days really long. We are working so hard, we are studying so much, we are being so obedient... I dont know what else I need to do but Im willing to keep working to figure it out.

My companion is nice, but she doesnt listen very well... like I will be talking or telling a story and she will interupt me with something completely off topic so its kinda like okaaaaaaaaaaaaay haha so.... ya, Lol. But she is a cute little peruvian and is really obedient and is funny as well. But she really is nice. Its really weird sometimes because she is like 10 years older than me, but im senior companion so I feel really weird being incharge. She misses her other sector alot (they had a very prosperous sector) and sometimes the thing she says "but in MY sector.." "in MYYY sector" and it makes me feel bad because I am pretty sure she thinks that the reason our numbers are bad is because of me. One thing that I really do like is that she is a really hard worker so we are working hard to find people and to keep going. 

I am certainly learning how to be patient and humble.

I cant believe its already April! I will have 10 months this week! WHAT????

Time keeps going, Im working super hard and cant wait for conferences! This time around I will beable to understand! Woohoo!!

love, Sister Miller

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