Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't eat the Fish Sticks!

Week #4 Everything from Bad Fishsticks to Temple Trip! 

Hey guys! Happy P-Day!

Today was awesome we were able to go to the temple today so you know what that means (I FINALLY GOT TO LEAVE THE CCM, haha) Mexico is crazy, but the temple is so so pretty, we weren't able to go inside though because they are doing remodeling or something. We did get to go to the visitors center tho! So that was cool!

This week has been a weird one for sure, four-ish days ago we had the dinner options for fish sticks or this weird ensalada de fruta thingy so I thought I was gonna be smart and get the fish sticks... EH. WRONG. needless to say I am not feeling well haha During the day I´m fine but when I wake up in the morning I always feel a bit nauseous and barfy. And let me tell ya nothing is more fun than being sick and having a companion follow you into the bathroom.. hahaha....

Its been raining like everyday for the past week, Every morning its a nice cool breeze, hot in the afternoon, rainy in the evening, and then a down pour at nighttime. But I dont mind, I love my rain coat haha and my companion has the same one lol. 

Me, Hermana Magneson and her companion Hermana Golden and two elders are singing in church this Sunday, IN SPANISH (obvio) hahaha thats what all the latinas here say when something is obvious "Obvio!" 

Speaking of the Hispanic Hermanas they are only at the CCM for 2 weeks instead of 6 so I had to say goodbye to my Latina Amiga, so that sucks.. but oh well, she is on to good things!

I still haven't received the letters you guys sent haha its funny my whole district makes fun of me because I check the mail twice a day and there is always mail for somebody else! but oh well, I bet it will come soon. I sent you guys home some letters too a couple days ago so look out for that!

I wish my Spanish would come faster.. its stressful as heck. My companion never had any Spanish in her life so I feel TONS of pressure during lessons... afosduhflsiaudfoioashdf. Its frustrating but it will come. 

I miss you all! Know that I am doing well!


Hna. Miller




Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Missionaries Prayer: By Hermana Miller


A Missionaries Prayer
By: Hermana Miller

Dear Lord my heart is breaking
my mind it seems so full
am I strong enough today?
towards home my heart does pull

I question my decision
I wonder why I´m here
dear God above please hear me
please help me calm this fear

I need thee every hour
and this I swear is true
the hours, minutes, seconds pass
my heart it turns to you

the decision wasn't easy
my knees, they ache from prayer
help me to find my purpose
what message should I share?

There I knelt upon the ground
with tears fresh from my eyes
as I try to find my words
my tired body sighs

As I laid there seeking sleep
I felt a peace inside
I closed my eyes, I counted sheep
the pain it did subside

While in my dreams, fast asleep
I perceived a curious sight
I saw a man, standing there
more glorious than light

but as he came in closer
I recognized his face
it was my brother Jesus
with all his love and grace

He told me that he loves me,
he calmed my every nerve
he told me of my purpose
saying "You are called to serve"

He told me of some people
I knew them long ago
I met them up in heaven
before we came below

He said that they are waiting
for me to find them there
to share with them a message
to show them someone cares

But brother I feel lonely,
I miss my life before
my heart and mind are tired
and my feet they are so sore

He showed to me his hands and feet
I felt the marks thereof
He told me that the pain he felt
was all an act of love

He knows just how I'm feeling
He´s felt it all before
with his strength I'm worthy
and this I know for sure

When I woke that morning
my mindset had been changed
for now I knew my purpose
I take with me his name

That morning getting ready
I felt his spirit there
pinning on my name tag, smiling-
finally knowing what to share

Hola todos!


Hola mi familia! Es un buen dia aqui en el CCM!

Nosotros tenemos muchas clases y un lista grande de cosas hacer!

I love you all so much ! Thank you for the emails! I hope all is well for you!

This week was a rough one, but I learned a lot. Not every day can be a good day, but doesn't mean I cant try to make it one! 

The food here is pretty weird, sometimes its Mexican, sometimes they try to be American but they realllllly like goat cheese here, they put it on EVERYTHING hahaha... but I actually like it. Funny story though, the other day, my friends in my district and some Latinas were eating together and they had put a TON of this hot sauce stuff in their sopa and so we thought, ya know, why not? So we tried some too... turns out it was HABENERO PEPPER SALSA! Never making that mistake again.... haha the latinas were laughing so hard lol. They call us Gringas a lot.. but its okay because they all know mi corazon es Latina ,)

Also... an elder in my district ate a cockroach haha like a BIG one... ew... I have no idea why...

Love you all! Hope all is well. 

Love, Hermana Miller

 my new scripture case!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hola Mi Familia

Week #2 Yay!! Here is a update from Hermana Miller, with some great pics!! enjoy!

Hola Hola!

I miss you guys like crazy and thank you for all the emails! 

Mexico is CRAZY but I love it here. My spanish is coming along okay haha I can understand a lot more now than I can actually say, but it will come! BUT GUESS WHAT I had to teach a lesson in COMPLETE spanish my second day here haha I was soooo nervous I got hives like Jess gets when she talks. Also, all our prayers are in spanish and none of the teachers really know english here haha so its a little hard sometimes but it gets easier everyday. We sing spanish, pray in spanish... es muy loco! I had to give a five minute talk on pre-earth life this sunday aswell. So me and Cameron talked on the same day!!! I thought that was funny, except mine was only in spanish and I sounded like an idiot most of the time, but oh well!

I love my companion! Her name is Hermana Hobbs she is a cosmetologist from Utah and she is super cute and funny, plus we have been rocking it in our lessons! We work really well together. She is going to the same mission as me as well! 

The food here a la CCM is muy muy rico! Carlotta would be proud of me because I ate tamalles (spelling?) for breakfast this morning! Some of the food is really scary looking though. Occasionally we are lucky enough to have american food every once in awhile like pizza or corn dogs.

My flight went well, the one from Detroit to Mexico was a little rough though, but there was two elders headed to the MTC there as well and when we landed we found two more elders. So I wasn't alone when I got off the plane.

Mexico city is crazy though, but a really cool experience, I already love Mexicans though, and they are not even in my mission! haha its weird how that works. 

The other day it rained SO hard that it flooded a couple of our buildings and I had left pictures on the floor (don't worry they didn't get ruined) but me and my companion ran home to check and the street was flooded up to like the middle of my calf and even higher in some spots haha it was raining SO  hard but we were just laughing the whole time (even though I was flipping scared the whole time) and our house didn't even flood! lol so we didn't even need to go home but it was a good experience. 

I have to give the opening prayer this Sunday in solamente espaƱol! It shouldn't be too hard though, praying is easy now, its the talking to other people that I have a hard time with.


P.S. happy fathers day this Sunday! I miss ya dad!

 Hermana Hobbs and Hermana Miller both showing off their same rain coat!
Hermana Hobbs and Hermana Miller
Enjoy for now ! Week 3 coming soon!