Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hola Mi Familia

Week #2 Yay!! Here is a update from Hermana Miller, with some great pics!! enjoy!

Hola Hola!

I miss you guys like crazy and thank you for all the emails! 

Mexico is CRAZY but I love it here. My spanish is coming along okay haha I can understand a lot more now than I can actually say, but it will come! BUT GUESS WHAT I had to teach a lesson in COMPLETE spanish my second day here haha I was soooo nervous I got hives like Jess gets when she talks. Also, all our prayers are in spanish and none of the teachers really know english here haha so its a little hard sometimes but it gets easier everyday. We sing spanish, pray in spanish... es muy loco! I had to give a five minute talk on pre-earth life this sunday aswell. So me and Cameron talked on the same day!!! I thought that was funny, except mine was only in spanish and I sounded like an idiot most of the time, but oh well!

I love my companion! Her name is Hermana Hobbs she is a cosmetologist from Utah and she is super cute and funny, plus we have been rocking it in our lessons! We work really well together. She is going to the same mission as me as well! 

The food here a la CCM is muy muy rico! Carlotta would be proud of me because I ate tamalles (spelling?) for breakfast this morning! Some of the food is really scary looking though. Occasionally we are lucky enough to have american food every once in awhile like pizza or corn dogs.

My flight went well, the one from Detroit to Mexico was a little rough though, but there was two elders headed to the MTC there as well and when we landed we found two more elders. So I wasn't alone when I got off the plane.

Mexico city is crazy though, but a really cool experience, I already love Mexicans though, and they are not even in my mission! haha its weird how that works. 

The other day it rained SO hard that it flooded a couple of our buildings and I had left pictures on the floor (don't worry they didn't get ruined) but me and my companion ran home to check and the street was flooded up to like the middle of my calf and even higher in some spots haha it was raining SO  hard but we were just laughing the whole time (even though I was flipping scared the whole time) and our house didn't even flood! lol so we didn't even need to go home but it was a good experience. 

I have to give the opening prayer this Sunday in solamente espaƱol! It shouldn't be too hard though, praying is easy now, its the talking to other people that I have a hard time with.


P.S. happy fathers day this Sunday! I miss ya dad!

 Hermana Hobbs and Hermana Miller both showing off their same rain coat!
Hermana Hobbs and Hermana Miller
Enjoy for now ! Week 3 coming soon!

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