Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't eat the Fish Sticks!

Week #4 Everything from Bad Fishsticks to Temple Trip! 

Hey guys! Happy P-Day!

Today was awesome we were able to go to the temple today so you know what that means (I FINALLY GOT TO LEAVE THE CCM, haha) Mexico is crazy, but the temple is so so pretty, we weren't able to go inside though because they are doing remodeling or something. We did get to go to the visitors center tho! So that was cool!

This week has been a weird one for sure, four-ish days ago we had the dinner options for fish sticks or this weird ensalada de fruta thingy so I thought I was gonna be smart and get the fish sticks... EH. WRONG. needless to say I am not feeling well haha During the day I´m fine but when I wake up in the morning I always feel a bit nauseous and barfy. And let me tell ya nothing is more fun than being sick and having a companion follow you into the bathroom.. hahaha....

Its been raining like everyday for the past week, Every morning its a nice cool breeze, hot in the afternoon, rainy in the evening, and then a down pour at nighttime. But I dont mind, I love my rain coat haha and my companion has the same one lol. 

Me, Hermana Magneson and her companion Hermana Golden and two elders are singing in church this Sunday, IN SPANISH (obvio) hahaha thats what all the latinas here say when something is obvious "Obvio!" 

Speaking of the Hispanic Hermanas they are only at the CCM for 2 weeks instead of 6 so I had to say goodbye to my Latina Amiga, so that sucks.. but oh well, she is on to good things!

I still haven't received the letters you guys sent haha its funny my whole district makes fun of me because I check the mail twice a day and there is always mail for somebody else! but oh well, I bet it will come soon. I sent you guys home some letters too a couple days ago so look out for that!

I wish my Spanish would come faster.. its stressful as heck. My companion never had any Spanish in her life so I feel TONS of pressure during lessons... afosduhflsiaudfoioashdf. Its frustrating but it will come. 

I miss you all! Know that I am doing well!


Hna. Miller




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