Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gym Struggles, hahaha!

Okay so, we all know I am not the star athlete of the family, but I´d say I was doing pretty great all up until the point where I got a volleyball spiked directly to my face! Hahaha... and guess who it was from? Brayden Connor! From Lakeville, it seriously hurt so bad haha but I just laughed it off and it was more of a blow to my pride than to my face. Hahaha... just thinking about it makes me laugh.. and the fact that it was from someone I actually know makes it even funnier. He apologized lots and felt really bad but it was funny, and the good news? No black eye!

Also, this one will make Mariah proud, My companion Hna. Hobbs LOVES working out, like A LOT. haha and so yesterday she taught me all kinds of weightlifting stuff. Needless to say.. I feel like a limp noodle. My arms are so sore! haha I dont know how you do it girl! 

AND GUESS WHAT I can pretty much do the splits now, so thats cool. The Hermanas I live with are cheerleaders/dancers so they are pretty determined to help me figure this out. I´m actually pretty flexible!

Im starting to get super nervous for the mission field. I leave here on the 15th so I dont have very much time left, I DON'T FEEL READY. I hope the spanish comes soon, haha praying for a miracle! also, we are really spoiled here, we dont cook, we dont clean, and I just am loving the CCM. My district and companion are super fun and easy to work with... I have a feeling im in for some trouble!

Being a missionary is really hard, even in the MTC, but I decided that living without the gospel would be a whole heck of a lot harder! So I gotta go kick Satans Butt!

"La fe es el poder, la obedencia is el precio, el amor es el motivo, el espiritu es la clave, y Jesucristo es la razon!"

"Faith is the power, obedience is the price, love is the motivation, spirit is the key, and Jesus Christ is the Reason!"

These have been the hardest five weeks of my life, but I just think of how happy this gospel makes me and all the blessings I have BECAUSE of it and that thought keeps me going!


Hna Miller

p.s. Hna Hobbs cut my hair today and it is REALLY cute, not different by much just needed to be freshened up. BUT it made me miss Jess so much! I love and miss you all!

 haircutby Hermana Hobbs!


 it rains a TON here!
mas lluvia!

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