Friday, March 30, 2012

Sharing Love and Laughs :)

Hola todos :)

So something to share for today, I am a Junior in Highschool and had the opportunity to donate blood to the red cross to help save three lives acouple days ago through my school. I got my form all signed and filled out and was super excited to go get it done (I had done it before and I love helping other people). I sat in an endless line for almost an hour got pricked in the finger annnnnnd *Dramatic pause*.... The iron in my blood was low! The requirement is 12.5 and  I got a 12! So the lady said we were gonna check again and so I (nervously) stuck out my hand for her to prick again (It actually hurts the most out of the whole thing) and BOOM, results are back and I got a 12.3 I was .2 off! POINT TWO. But no dice, oh well. Maybe next time. All I got out of it this time around was a bad mood, and sore fingertips.

GOOD NEWS:  My church youth group got to participate in the Feed my Starving Children program!!! So I got to help some people after all :) Different problems, same satisfaction. We got to bag rice, veggies, chicken flavoring, and soy package it all up and send it all around the world to countries and people in need. It was a great time :) We helped so many people, and the opportunity to help is everywhere and very important, it really made me greatful for all I have in life. Plus, its an opportunity to where a super sexy hair net ;) Now who wouldnt wanna do that??

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breakfast Before Bedtime!

Hola! :) Guess what? IT'S ALMOST SPRING BREAK! One. Day. Left. I am SO excited! haha (Can you tell?)

Anywho, as of right now I am sitting on my purple rug in my bedroom eating bacon. :) I love bacon, haha. But thats besides the point. The thing I wanna point out is that it is 8:42 PM right now and I am eating breakfast. Complete with hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, and bacon. The only thing is they were left overs so I had to heat them in the microwave, and me being the genius that I am completely killed them. I put them in waaaay to long so everything is like a nuclear brick. Have you ever tried eating a brick?? If not, it is NOT pleasant. And if you have, you have bigger issues....but whatever who cares about losing acouple teeth .... I'll live ;)

P.s. Breakfast food tastes better when you eat it for dinner. Try it.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exercise and Everything Unexpected

Hellllllooooo, Haha I have been crazy busy! Tomorrow is the last day of quarter three in my High School so I had to make sure all my grades and assignments were up to par.

Now that that's over I can finally breathe! THANK GOODNESS. I have just felt so uptight about things it feels good to kinda be slowing down. I've finally been able to things that I WANT to do (Believe it or not) One thing thats kinda cool, the other day me and one of my friends Clarissa were talking about BYU (the college I wanna go to) and saying how I don't have very many extra curricular activities so she told me I should join the tech crew for the musical! So I did! It is actually really cool we get to build things like stairs, paint sets, run props, make trap doors, a lot of cool stuff! It was really sudden and unexpected but i'm glad that I get to participate in it.

Another random thing is that i'm now a member of Anytime Fitness, haha it's actually a lot of fun, I go there acouple times a week, get all gross and sweaty, work on my muscles and cardio then go home and shower. I enjoy being active and in shape and it makes me feel really good about myself!

Well speaking of working out... haha I better get going. Seeya next time!

P.S. Prom dress status: I GOT ONE :) (I cant really tell you about it though because it's a surprise)
Car status: Fixed and independent once more ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My car is a spaz....... Oh Goodie

Hello again, man this week has just been one of those weeks I guess. Long, boring, bad luck, awkward moments you name it! I have to say though, my little car, has been the biggest hitter so far this time around. Wanna know why? No? Who cares, i'll tell you anyway. Acouple days ago me and my older sister Jess were driving to the mall when all the sudden the temperature light came on and a beeper kept going off. It was NOT good, we ended up calling my mom, pulling over more than twice, and hurrying home so we didnt explode. (Okay.. maybe it wasnt as dramatic as exploding...but you get my point.) Anyways we took it to a repair shop where they told us many phrases in which I did not understand. Some such as radiator, crack, tube, leak, and so on. Two things I did understand though were 1. Broken, and 2. expensive. So whoopdie doo, car pools, bus rides, and lack of independence. See ya next time.
 P.s. Dont be hatin' the flames...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Stresses and dresses!

My oh my, one word: Prom. It confuses me the way some girls approach this. They are more like wild animals crouched down in attack mode ready to pounce at the first boy, dress, shoes, makeup (even underwear) that they need to make their night perfect. I myself, am excited (SO EXCITED) however dreading the quickly approaching need for a dress. I'm preparing myself for the dangerous activity of hunting for something to wear. Some girls are talented in this activity, they may even enjoy it! On the other hand theres me, going from store to store only to face the dangers ahead of me. Squeezing into dresses that don't come in my size, becoming entangled in the confusing contraptions with more straps than most parachutes, and suficating myself in the many layers of dresses I try on, all in hopes to find "The one." Wish me luck? Untill next time, seeya then.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty cool if I do say so myself

Hello again, haha I know this is a "Two-posts-in-one-day" post but my first one seemed really lame. Sooooo I'm gonna tell you about my weekend! This Saturday I got to go see Disney On-Ice! I know what your thinking "Really? Teenage girl going to see THAT?" haha, but I loved it! It was really cool I got to go with my boyfriend Cameron, his younger sister, and my little 6 year old sister. Funny thing is I probably enjoyed it just as much (If not more) than she did. But overall it was a great way to spend the weekend, and pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Blog #1: I feel so Accomplished!

Well hello there, Haha welcome to my blog page! I'm the kind of person that likes to try new things and this is new for me! I'm gonna try to blog acouple times a week (Keep your fingers crossed), and just tell you all the strange, happy, sad, exciting, dumb, and random happenings in my life. :) So untill I have something interesting to post, see ya next time.