Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exercise and Everything Unexpected

Hellllllooooo, Haha I have been crazy busy! Tomorrow is the last day of quarter three in my High School so I had to make sure all my grades and assignments were up to par.

Now that that's over I can finally breathe! THANK GOODNESS. I have just felt so uptight about things it feels good to kinda be slowing down. I've finally been able to things that I WANT to do (Believe it or not) One thing thats kinda cool, the other day me and one of my friends Clarissa were talking about BYU (the college I wanna go to) and saying how I don't have very many extra curricular activities so she told me I should join the tech crew for the musical! So I did! It is actually really cool we get to build things like stairs, paint sets, run props, make trap doors, a lot of cool stuff! It was really sudden and unexpected but i'm glad that I get to participate in it.

Another random thing is that i'm now a member of Anytime Fitness, haha it's actually a lot of fun, I go there acouple times a week, get all gross and sweaty, work on my muscles and cardio then go home and shower. I enjoy being active and in shape and it makes me feel really good about myself!

Well speaking of working out... haha I better get going. Seeya next time!

P.S. Prom dress status: I GOT ONE :) (I cant really tell you about it though because it's a surprise)
Car status: Fixed and independent once more ;)

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