Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breakfast Before Bedtime!

Hola! :) Guess what? IT'S ALMOST SPRING BREAK! One. Day. Left. I am SO excited! haha (Can you tell?)

Anywho, as of right now I am sitting on my purple rug in my bedroom eating bacon. :) I love bacon, haha. But thats besides the point. The thing I wanna point out is that it is 8:42 PM right now and I am eating breakfast. Complete with hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, and bacon. The only thing is they were left overs so I had to heat them in the microwave, and me being the genius that I am completely killed them. I put them in waaaay to long so everything is like a nuclear brick. Have you ever tried eating a brick?? If not, it is NOT pleasant. And if you have, you have bigger issues....but whatever who cares about losing acouple teeth .... I'll live ;)

P.s. Breakfast food tastes better when you eat it for dinner. Try it.

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