Friday, March 30, 2012

Sharing Love and Laughs :)

Hola todos :)

So something to share for today, I am a Junior in Highschool and had the opportunity to donate blood to the red cross to help save three lives acouple days ago through my school. I got my form all signed and filled out and was super excited to go get it done (I had done it before and I love helping other people). I sat in an endless line for almost an hour got pricked in the finger annnnnnd *Dramatic pause*.... The iron in my blood was low! The requirement is 12.5 and  I got a 12! So the lady said we were gonna check again and so I (nervously) stuck out my hand for her to prick again (It actually hurts the most out of the whole thing) and BOOM, results are back and I got a 12.3 I was .2 off! POINT TWO. But no dice, oh well. Maybe next time. All I got out of it this time around was a bad mood, and sore fingertips.

GOOD NEWS:  My church youth group got to participate in the Feed my Starving Children program!!! So I got to help some people after all :) Different problems, same satisfaction. We got to bag rice, veggies, chicken flavoring, and soy package it all up and send it all around the world to countries and people in need. It was a great time :) We helped so many people, and the opportunity to help is everywhere and very important, it really made me greatful for all I have in life. Plus, its an opportunity to where a super sexy hair net ;) Now who wouldnt wanna do that??

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