Sunday, April 8, 2012

Operation Birthday

Hello, haha so as some of you know I have an older sister named Jessica. She is pretty cool when she wants to be, and it just so happens that the other day (April 1st) was her 18th BIRTHDAY!!! :) and me, being the awesome person that I am *wink, wink* came up with a surprise!

Here's how it went down... We'll call it "Operation Birthday" Creative right?

Anyways these were the steps to success.
Step one) My family was driving to Taco Bell (Like we do almost EVERY saturday, Jess was working) when me and my mom got an idea! We wanted to surprise her some how.....

Step two) We pondered this awhile till BOOM the idea hit us... a sneak attack balloon surprise we saw on Pinterest

Step three) Convince my dad that it was a good idea, when in reality we were gonna do it anyway (Don't worry.. we passed)

Step four) After Taco Bell my mom sent me and my Younger sister Mariah to Dolllar Tree to get the supplies. Shopping list: 20 large balloons and a pack of seperate balloons.

Step five) Purchase Balloons. Status: Easy

Step six) Somehow shove allllllllll of the balloons into my tiny PT Cruiser.... It was halarious and they barely fit! I couldnt see anything while driving home besides out my front window. O.o

Step seven) Take balloons upstairs and hide them in my moms room untill attack.

Step eight) blow up 25 stickin balloons BY MYSELF. My head nearly exploded.

Step nine) When Jess got home I told her i'd sleep in her room for her birthday, she didnt suspect a thing.

Step ten) At THREE IN THE MORNING I snuck upstairs grabbed the balloons with my mom and planted them in her room. Mission completed.

Problems: When I got up it scared the crap out of her and she shot up really fast and nearly made me pee my pants, I told her to lay down and go to sleep... and also when me and my mom were planting the balloons she sat up and started saying something along the lines of "hasdfhf...jhdfa....." And we just told her to lay down and fall asleep....She doesnt remember a thing! She woke up in the morning surrounded by balloons :) Lots of fun.

           -Meg (A.k.a secret agent)

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