Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From the Brilliant mind of Mom

Well hello, Guess who has the best parents ever? Me, that's right. A couple weeks go my mom came up with the cool idea to have an outdoor movie night! And in order for us kids to get in we had to do chores around the house to earn movie tickets and candy tickets cleverly called "Mom-Bucks". It's a good way to get the little kids like Garret and Panda (Savannah) to do their chores without complaining. Plus, it rewards all of us, even the older kids, with a fun night with the family. 

Mini concession stand FULL of candy and drinks
 Panda checking out the seats/beds
Eeek! I look scary but oh well haha..... Yay for PJ's/No make-up!
Price tags
So. Much. Sugar.
My cute sister Jess :)
Crazy Ria and Panda
Projector and Speakers my Dad set up :)
"Mom-Bucks" aka tickets!
The Millers are so cool ;)
The kids enjoying the movie!
The Incredibles! haha, You could see a lot better this pic is just a little crap cause the flash
We are so hot.
 It was such a fun night! And we've done more than one too. Last Saturday we had one and my boyfriend Cameron came over, it was really funny because my mom made him vacuum our basement and make his bed for tickets, Haha, but he was a good sport. 

Seeya next time!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen drum roll please!.......................................................TADA!!!

They turned out yummy! Everyone liked them (Except Savanna, haha she secretly threw hers away) but that's alright it was fun to make and they look pretty/taste great. I gave away a ton to the neighbors because it made a lot so i'm glad they were yummy.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey guys :) So tomorrow I am super excited because I am trying a new recipe! Yaaaaaaay, I love cooking/baking and this one seems like a lot of fun. Lemon-cake cupcake with blackberry and raspberry butter creme frosting! Yum! Sounds like a nice fresh dessert for summertime :)  I hope mine turn out like the picture...ha....We'll see! I'll let you guys know!


P.s. Wish me luck?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Duke Update

Hey everyone :) just a little update on our little puppy Duke (Well...not so little) I posted about him awhile back, he was just tiny then though. Now he is a 30 pound, crazy, adorable, dog and we love him :) He is a little hyper sometimes but that's okay cause it's funny.

P.S. He's the one on the left not the right.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What not to do at a stoplight, and such.

Hello :) Today's post is a little random.... Haha I want to share some life or death advice with all of you. Some, pertinent information for your everyday life.
  1. First off you should always leave the Disco before dawn.
  2. Silence is Golden, but duct tape is Silver ;)
  3. Therapy is expensive, but bubble wrap is cheap...Your choice.
  4. Eat it, Don't tweet it.
  5. Once you turn 60 don't pass a bathroom and never trust a fart!
  6. Don't sneeze when you are pregnant and have to pee.
  7. Correct punctuation is crucial. Example: "Let's Eat, Grandpa" vs. "Let's Eat Grandpa"
  8. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
  9. Get hurt? No band-aids? Rub some dirt on it!
  10. Stop drinking Haterade (Hehe get it...Gatorade...But with Hate. Don't get it? Okay... Never mind.)
  11. Take a chill pill
  12. What not to do at a stoplight: Email, text, change clothes, put on makeup, write a poem, finger paint, make a sandwich, use the restroom, watch a movie, Go-Go dance, play COD, go fishing, .... and for those of you not catching the reference...it's Spongebob.
Obviously this isn't my most serious advice, but I hope it made your day just a little bit better. :) 

Annnnnnnnnnd *Insert random photo here*


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Homework

......Well usually my post are pretty positive.... but I just need to vent a little bit about school. Some of you might be thinking "School? It's summer...Why is she mad about school?" BUT me being the dummy that I am, decided to sign up for two AP classes, and now I am responsible for AP summer homework. Two (really old) books, essay questions/packet....Yay. Trip to the library is now on my to-do list. Seeya

(A venting blogger)

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hello :)

So, yesterday was for sure a summer day. It felt like a 1,000,000 degrees outside! (Of course it was only around 88-97 degrees) but still, you get my point. Even though it was past any sane persons melting point I still had an awesome day :) I got to go to Camerons house and chill with him and his family for the day, and it was a lot of fun. We ate pie (That his awesome mom stopped and got for us as a surprise) swam, played card games, watched movies, tryed to stay cool, and had a good time! Gotta love summer :)