Sunday, August 24, 2014

No Mas Cola, Porfis!

Hola Familia,

Hope all is well, but first things first:
1) YOU GOT A PUPPY?? WHAT! haha I am so jealous, I could really use some puppy cuddles right now. All the dogs here are ew nasty gross, haha.. we call them the zombie dogs. 

2) ROBBIN WILLIAMS DIED? I cant believe this. Its so strange not really living in the world. Haha its weird to think that things are still happening outside of my little busy life. Like you guys are in MN chillen.. Camerons working in Chile... and news keeps happening! Its a weird feeling.

Anyways, thanks for the emails. This week was pretty darn rough, not gonna lie. We are having a super hard time finding people to teach, our investogators arent progressing, and overall we are working SUPER hard.. but not much is coming from it. I know I am supposed to learn something from this trial but its dificult to see what that is exactly. Dont worry though, I am in good hands and its a new week! So we are gonna try again.

Also, we had to leave one of our investigators for the first time this week. She wasnt keeping comiitments and wasnt keeping appointments.. :( It was heartbreaking. I cried. Its just frustrating because this gospel is so wonderful and can help so many people but theres this awful thing called agency.. haha just kidding agency is awesome.. but for real though.. not fun.

Ive had a pretty nasty cold the past three days but its finally getting up and going away, so thats good news! Here they call it El Gripe. Spanish is coming along, still hard to understand people but i can talk pretty well.

Also, weird story for the week. The other Hermanas were talking to this guy about prohpets and asked him if he believed that God would call a prophet in this day and time and he said of course! He continues, Just last week I was called as a prophet. I was crawling on the ground praying, when all of the sudden I ate dirt and heard a voice from heaven say YOU ARE NOW A PROPHET. hahahahahaha... he was dead serious! lol yikes.

I love you all! Thanks for everything and I will talk to ya all next week!

Love, Hermana Frozen.

( side note from Mom!  they call Hermana Miller, Hermana Frozen , because they got to watch Frozen in Spanish at the Presidents Home and she knew all the songs and sang them all and so her district now calls her Hermana Frozen,  haha! I love it!)


Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike... Guess what day it is! P-DAAAAY!! Whoop, whoop!

Hola Familia!

Your emails are always just what I need to hear. Its good to know that you are all doing well! Things here are just as interesting as always, haha oh Ecuador...What am I gonna do with you...

This week went by really quick, which is good cause not much happened. I did have a really cool expirience however! Me and Hermana Zarate met awomen awhile back named Sonia, and we taught here the restauracion and she wasnt really receptive, didnt pay attention, and everytime we tried to find her after that lesson she wasnt there, she was ¨busy¨, or she would even turn off her music and lights and pretend to not be home. (Which happens a lot, haha) but me and my companion decided that if she didnt accept us one more time then it was going to be time to leave her so we could focus on other people. So we go to her house, knock, and by some miracle she answered the door! Before we could say anything she said ¨Come on in¨ I was FREAKING OUT haha, the lesson we taught was on dia de reposo and it was awesome. BUT THE MIRACLE DOESNT STOP THERE! She came to church! WITH her boyfriend too! God works in funny ways, but we took that as a sign that we need to keep working with her.

My feet are finally used to walking around so much. I am gonna have some really ugly feet by the time I get home though, haha but I dont care. I am just happy they dont hurt anymore.

Also, I am so tired of drinking Soda its crazy. Freaking every meal people give us cola. And every lesson they give us , what? MORE COLA haha and its rude not to drink it so my stomache is just gonna explode from all the bubbles. 

My companion is trying to learn English haha and so far the only phrases she has learned from me (by example) are What in the World? Freakin Dogs, Danggit, and I need to pee! haha... So I guess I need to widen my vocabulary.

Speaking of dogs, I got chased by a stupid little Chiuahuah today... Jess wouldve died from laughter ¨Hey everyone, lets watch the stupid gringa run down the street from a tiny little dog¨

I love you all! And hope all is well!
-Hermana Miller
p.s. I got your letters!

I cant believe you are 15, and doing drivers ED! I dont like it! haha, you arent allowed to grow up, okay? 

Eat lots of cake for me on the 15th :) and I hope you have lots of fun. I will buy myself an icecream to celebrate :) I love you and am so proud of ya sis! Make good decisions, because the steps you take in your life now will carry you throughout the rest of your life! I love you! Time to PAR-TAY!

freaking 15 years old, WHAT!?!?!?!

                                                                                2 MONTHS DOWN








Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dos Meses

Buenas! Como Estan? 

I sure do miss you guys!

This week was so wierd, haha so many blessings and so many trials all wrapped in one. Not being able to speak is SO. FRUSTRATING. I am trying to be myself and show my personality but its difficult when you cant say what you wanna say.

Picture yourself. In a COMPLETELY different country, surrounded by culture and language that you dont know. Then going through a long hard day where people let you down and reject you, laying down at night exhausted and then waking up and doing it again. hahaha  loca loca la vida de una misionera. BUT GUESS WHAT.. for some odd reason I LOVE IT. Haha whenever I am having a hard time or feeling like "Thats it, im calling president and going home!" I think of my Savior, and how he was rejected and how he suffered more than I could ever imagine but was still able to continue on and love the people. I try my hardest everyday to think of him and his example for me.

In other news my first baptisms were GREAT! The spirit was so strong and made alllllll of my hard times so so worth it. Sadly, I cant send pictures right now because I am on surprise splits with other sisters and my equipment esta en la casa. So stay tuned on pictures of the baptism and such haha lo siento! 

But in all seriousness I know I made the right decision. I have really great days, and really bad days. But every day is worth it in this work. I love you all so so much and wish you the best! 

Funny note for the day: Its normal for guys here to just whip it out in the middle of the street and go pee! haha Oh my goodness. Lol.. so strange but whatever. Gotta love Ecuador!

Cameron entered the mission field this week, dad had a birthday, Jess and Sam had their first anniversary, and as of today I have been a missionary for two months! Wow!

Les Amo!

Hna Miller

Friday, August 1, 2014

Another week down!

This week was a little easier, but still super hard. Haha, culture shock still hasnt worn off yet and I find new surprises every day. For instance that more than four live in my home! Me, my companion Hermana Zarate, two other missionaries, COCKROACHES, and LIZARDS, lets not talk about the mouse. haha.. YIKES. Dont worry I got pictures.

As for food, I actually like it.. but sometimes I get something nasty.. For example. Breakfast here is weird, last week I ate something called Pescado Encebollado. FISH ONION SOUP. for breakfast! Ishy. And there drinks here are weird, my least favorite is called Colada Morada its this purple, warm, chunky nasty drink... thinking about it makes me wanna gag! haha

Other than those two Ive acutally like the food!

The spanish is difficult because its a different accent then spanish. The words are alot more lazy here, so its hard to understand because they dont pronunciate.

Also today in my zone we had an activity! We got to watch Frozen! (in spanish of course) but it was still really cool. I was in heaven, but afterwards all the Elders kept calling me Hermana Frozen because I have white skin and blonde hair and like to sing, its kinda weird haha

We also played basketball and futbol.... lets just say I definitely looked like a gringa. I was the only non- latino playing a sport that they are all PRO at haha

My baptisms got moved up to this weekend. So this saturuday an elderly woman and her grandson will be baptised! YAY I am so excited, and its cool because I was the one who asked them to be baptised! (I didnt teach much.. but still) and I am going to sing at their baptism (in spanish, by myself YIKES)

I love you all!

Hermana Miller 

house key!

                                                                Mi Casa!
                                                            laundry room!

                                                              drinking water
                                                             lizard room mate!
                                                       cockroach room mate!
                                                             Ecuador Temple
                                                             Battle Wound!

                                          Look who I ran into! Elder Connor from Lakeville!
MMMM! American Food!

Fun Facts about Hermana Miller

One, we dont have a water heater so my showers are VERY cold
Two, my milk comes in a box or a bag that isnt refrigerated (but its safe to drink dont worry mom)
three, there are stray dogs and cats everywhere and they somehow figure out how to climb onto the roofs of houses haha
four, the key to our house is this huge antique looking thing, I will try and send ya a pic next week

I hope I have time to write this! haha
during one of our lessons with a woman named anita we were having a super hard time focusing her because she was on her phone, falling asleep, interruptting us, explaining the birth of her child in GREAT DETAIL when all the sudden she laid down on the ground, and started breastfeeding! She just whipped it out right there! and the kid is like 2 or 3! haha he just walked up to her and started standing there nursing while we were in the middle of a lesson.. hahahaha oh my.. hows strange.. haha talk about a tough lesson. We invited her and a bunch of people to church and they all accepted but only one came .. so that sucked.
What a weird life.
Sorry no pictures this week!

Bienvenidos a Ecuador!

Hola de Ecuador!
Im alive and well! Haha I am super tired and dont have much time but I was told to get on and tell you that my new Pday is on Mondays. So expect to hear from me then. I am going to be super busy here but I love it! It is BEAUTIFUL and ive already seen so much. including three iguanas!

My new address for letters and packages: use this one!
Hermana Megan Elizabeth Miller
Mision Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste
Casilla De Correo 09-04-206
Guayaquil, Guayas
packages HAVE to be less than four pounds or else they will cost a ton! I will explain more later so email me your questions! I LOVE YOU ALL.
-Hermana Miller... a REAL missionary!

Bienvenidos a Ecuador!

Well, its really hot here... which sucks because everyone keeps telling me its winter! They think I am crazy for thinking it is hot, they are always saying they are cold.
Ecuador is CRAZY different. You dont understand poverty until youve seen a third world country. Some houses have dirt floors, most are tin roofs, boarded up windows.. its crazy! I will try to get pictures to you sometime.
Right now I am sitting in a cyber sweating, trying to type as fast as I can! Haha my  companions name is Hermana Zarate (pronounced like Karate) she know a tiny tiny bit of Englsh, but not enough for us to communicate in English. Its really hard sometimes because I dont really have anyone to talk to. I just have to learn fast!
When I got off the plane I felt like the guy from the movie ¨"The best two years" ..... "this isnt the language I learned in the MTC" I pretty much feel like a sweaty idiot most of the day hahaha.. whatever.
Also, funny stuff.. the people here are obsessed with my eyes, skin, and hair... They get commented on all the time. Most of the time by creepy old men.
For example, we were contacting this guy asking him if he would be interested in listening to our message and of course.. me being a gringa, i didnt understand a word he was saying. after we said goodbye and walked away my companion said.. "I hate creepers" turns ouyt he was telling her he was in love with me and wouldnt only let us teachhim if I was the one who cam and he said "I think im in love with one of Gods sheep... thats a bad thing" hahahahaha oh boy.... also there are these trucks that drive around full of coconuts and this guy has a megaphone sayng "come buy coconuts, come buy coconuts..." and yesterday one drives by really slow and he says on his megaphone "EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS BEAUSTIFUL WOMAN, EVERYONE LOOK AT THE GIRL WITH BLONDE HAIR"... so ya ... If youre wondering.,.. I dont fit in. haha
A cute litttle girl asked if the reason my skin was white is because I drink a lot of milk. Haha funny stuff.
AND GUESS WHAT I went to the temple! Guayaquil temple! We got to do a session in Spanish! I wore a little translater headphone thing though, but I had to speak spanish! and I was sweaty so I felt weird to be in the temple.
ALSO I HAVE TWO BAPTISMS ALREADY. I really didnt teach much, because its hard for me to speak,  my companion did it mostly but I was the one to iinvite them and they excepted! For the 9th of august. :)
Yesterday for breakfast at an investigators house we ate Encebollado.... fish and onion soup. It wasnt gross.. but I could definietly go my whole life without eating it again. hahaha
I am always sweaty, and always tired, but im doing well.
This is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. Its hard to explain, because you have to have expirienced it to understand it, but its hard. Different culture entirely, food, people, and I dont know how to communicate, I miss you guys so much but know that I am doing fine! Some days are harder than others but no matter what I was called here for a reason!
I hope I can catch the language fast because I am so lost. 

Love, Hna Miller