Friday, August 1, 2014

Another week down!

This week was a little easier, but still super hard. Haha, culture shock still hasnt worn off yet and I find new surprises every day. For instance that more than four live in my home! Me, my companion Hermana Zarate, two other missionaries, COCKROACHES, and LIZARDS, lets not talk about the mouse. haha.. YIKES. Dont worry I got pictures.

As for food, I actually like it.. but sometimes I get something nasty.. For example. Breakfast here is weird, last week I ate something called Pescado Encebollado. FISH ONION SOUP. for breakfast! Ishy. And there drinks here are weird, my least favorite is called Colada Morada its this purple, warm, chunky nasty drink... thinking about it makes me wanna gag! haha

Other than those two Ive acutally like the food!

The spanish is difficult because its a different accent then spanish. The words are alot more lazy here, so its hard to understand because they dont pronunciate.

Also today in my zone we had an activity! We got to watch Frozen! (in spanish of course) but it was still really cool. I was in heaven, but afterwards all the Elders kept calling me Hermana Frozen because I have white skin and blonde hair and like to sing, its kinda weird haha

We also played basketball and futbol.... lets just say I definitely looked like a gringa. I was the only non- latino playing a sport that they are all PRO at haha

My baptisms got moved up to this weekend. So this saturuday an elderly woman and her grandson will be baptised! YAY I am so excited, and its cool because I was the one who asked them to be baptised! (I didnt teach much.. but still) and I am going to sing at their baptism (in spanish, by myself YIKES)

I love you all!

Hermana Miller 

house key!

                                                                Mi Casa!
                                                            laundry room!

                                                              drinking water
                                                             lizard room mate!
                                                       cockroach room mate!
                                                             Ecuador Temple
                                                             Battle Wound!

                                          Look who I ran into! Elder Connor from Lakeville!
MMMM! American Food!

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