Sunday, August 24, 2014

No Mas Cola, Porfis!

Hola Familia,

Hope all is well, but first things first:
1) YOU GOT A PUPPY?? WHAT! haha I am so jealous, I could really use some puppy cuddles right now. All the dogs here are ew nasty gross, haha.. we call them the zombie dogs. 

2) ROBBIN WILLIAMS DIED? I cant believe this. Its so strange not really living in the world. Haha its weird to think that things are still happening outside of my little busy life. Like you guys are in MN chillen.. Camerons working in Chile... and news keeps happening! Its a weird feeling.

Anyways, thanks for the emails. This week was pretty darn rough, not gonna lie. We are having a super hard time finding people to teach, our investogators arent progressing, and overall we are working SUPER hard.. but not much is coming from it. I know I am supposed to learn something from this trial but its dificult to see what that is exactly. Dont worry though, I am in good hands and its a new week! So we are gonna try again.

Also, we had to leave one of our investigators for the first time this week. She wasnt keeping comiitments and wasnt keeping appointments.. :( It was heartbreaking. I cried. Its just frustrating because this gospel is so wonderful and can help so many people but theres this awful thing called agency.. haha just kidding agency is awesome.. but for real though.. not fun.

Ive had a pretty nasty cold the past three days but its finally getting up and going away, so thats good news! Here they call it El Gripe. Spanish is coming along, still hard to understand people but i can talk pretty well.

Also, weird story for the week. The other Hermanas were talking to this guy about prohpets and asked him if he believed that God would call a prophet in this day and time and he said of course! He continues, Just last week I was called as a prophet. I was crawling on the ground praying, when all of the sudden I ate dirt and heard a voice from heaven say YOU ARE NOW A PROPHET. hahahahahaha... he was dead serious! lol yikes.

I love you all! Thanks for everything and I will talk to ya all next week!

Love, Hermana Frozen.

( side note from Mom!  they call Hermana Miller, Hermana Frozen , because they got to watch Frozen in Spanish at the Presidents Home and she knew all the songs and sang them all and so her district now calls her Hermana Frozen,  haha! I love it!)

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