Thursday, September 4, 2014


Hola mi familia!

Still sweating over here and its only gonna get hotter. In the nights the people always talk about how cold it is and how freezing they are... and im over here like "Hey... just drowning in my sweat... no biggy" Just kidding the nights arent that bad, but seriously ITS SO HOT. I guess thats normal when you live on the equator. Lol danggit.

Also, still no guinea pig. BUT he said he is going to make me some.. so we will see. Other than that no strange food this week. More Encebollado though. And I am gonna get so fat haha they feed us WAY TOO MUCH. So dont worry about me going hungry.

Also, Spanish is doing okay. Haha, I dont know. I feel like I can talk pretty well but understanding others is still a problem because they either talk way to fast, slurr there words.. I dont know.. haha but I hope this gift of tongues thing kicks in soon! Lol 

Mi compañera y yo are a little bit better.. our personalities are just really really different and we come from totally different countries and cultures so we disagree on a lot of things. Which makes me feel bad a lot of the time, but whatever. 

ANYWAYS, I am on splits with another hermana for today because hermana Zarate has a meeting with the leaders. So Im here with hermana Rostenburg from Utah. She is really funny and cute, so todays been fun.

Our situation with investigators is still rough. We have investigators but none of them are progressing as of now. Being a missionary is really hard. Because I am 19 years old dealing with things I have no expirience with... abusive spouse, divorse, death, sickness, infedelity. AY AY AY.. no se.. I am trying my hardest to help these people! But something that comforts me is that this gospel really can help them change their lives for the better!

I love you all! Thanks for the letters, and the emails!

I sent you a letter last week! So keep an eye out! 

Love, Hermana Miller
 Mi compañera    Hermana Zarate

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