Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hace freakin' CALOR

Hola! Another week down! El 4 de Septiembre I will be a missionary for THREE MONTHS. What?
Okay... believe it or not I ate FISH EYEBALL two days ago. haha We had fish (and when I say fish... I mean the WHOLE fish) head and all (you dont eat the head though haha) and when I was done eating our mamita (the ladies that feed us lunch from our ward) said that the eye is really good for you and that is a delicacy for a lot of people... And of course as a missionary you cant say no.. so what did I do? I ATE IT. GAJSHGDLASHGDasdjfakjshf ajdhfkjasd .... it wasnt that gross but the texture is really weird haha SUPER weird. Oh and also, next week a ward member is going to feed me GUINEA PIG haha Im scared. I will for sure send pictures.
This week was a little better than the last.. still rough though. We have an Investigator, Sonia (the woman we almost left) with a baptismal date! However, yesterday when we went to her house no one was there and her neighbor told us that she saw her and her daughter leave with suitcases on an emergency trip... so ya....we dont know what happened there.
Also, today we had Cambios (transfers) in our Zone... but no one in my house had cambios... so here goes another 6 weeks with my companion... yaaaaaaaay.....
I am learning patience for sure!

I love you all so much and please dont worry! I have really hard days, days where I want nothing more than to go home, but I know I have a purpose here and Im not gonna leave till its done!
-Hermana Miller

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