Monday, September 22, 2014

Estoy Gordando

Dont worry about me going hungry here, believe it or not we have TOO MUCH food. haha I am gaining weight I can tell.. lets just say the elastic on my skirt didnt used to be so tight ;) 

This week was pretty good. SUPER long though haha part of me feels like Ive been out here for my 18 months already but then my companion kindly reminds me that Ive just started. 

We had a baptism this weekend, and seriously it was so amazing... this man had been through two other sets of missionaries already! He was what we call an eternal investogator. I dont know how or why but with us he finally did his part and acted on his faith!! He is married and has a daughter that is 3... his wife has been a member all of her life and now they are preparing to be SEALED IN THE TEMPLE :) it makes me so happy! Its strange to think that because of me, in part, a family will be together forever! 

I miss you all so much. Its weird to think life goes on at home, that things continue to happen. btw sorry if things are spelt wrong... this keyboard is stupid.. and english is dumb too. haha

The language is still an issue sometimes.. I can talk alright but understanding some people is impossible. one day I will be alright! haha I just hope its someday soon! Im actually ahead of a lot of people in my group.. ppl tell me im picking it up fast! so thats cool!

Being here is so hard. Somedays feel like they wont ever end. Ive definitely learned to rely on the Lord. Its hard because the only person I have to talk to 1) talks a different language and 2) we dont always get along. So alot of times I feel alone down here in Ecuador. But then I remember I have a whole family back home, a guy in Chile, and a Heavenly Father that support me and love me more than I can understand. I love you guys so much! Keep being awesome! 

'Hna Miller
my newest baptism!!!

haha! Yes It is hot and this feels good!

mmmmmm so yummy!

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