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Okay everyone! This email is a little different! I am actually going to answer all of your questions! Haha, so enjoy! I will try to make this email exciting haha....

1. Have you eaten guinea pig? No, but this saturday a family in our ward is giving us dinner, and the dad promised me guinea pig. So we will see! Its a northern Ecuador thing apparently.
2. Do any of the people you teach have dirt floors? Yes, I dont have words to describe it. They are dirt, cement, or tile. Carpet isnt a thing here.
3. What's the worst thing you accidentally said in Spanish? Haha... I always say "Hombres" (men), "Hombros" (shoulders) and "Hambre" (hunger) mixed up. So one time instead of saying I am hungry I said I have men! Lol, and another time I said that worthy preisthood shoulders can give blessings... annnnd another time I said the atonement can lift the burdens off of our hunger. Also.... Pescado is fish.... pecado is sin... so lets just say a lot of people need to repent of their fishes.
4. What's your favorite thing about being a missionary? The fact that I have the ability to change peoples lives. Not only for this time on earth, but para siempre! I am saving souls and healing hearts!
5. What's your favorite food? Worst food? Favorite... hmmm icecream? haha just kidding (kind of) but I really love the rice here OH and ceviche de cameron!... haha like a lot. Lol but I HATE colada with a deep dark passion. It is a lumpy oatmea drink that is slightly warm and evvveryone here gives it to us. Oh, and fish eyeballs.
6. Are the showers still cold? Do you like them cold? Yes, and they will always be cold. Haha, all of the faucets and sinks and showers only have one nobb. The houses dont have water heaters. BUT they arent that bad, it just makes ya wake up quick which is nice... but still its hard to shave your legs when you have goosebumps.
7. Do you sleep with a bug net? Yes and no. Some nights im too lazy, and sometimes my fan gets caught up in the net and falls over on my face while im sleeping. Talk about a heart attack!
8. What is your daily routine...? And pday? I wake up at 6:15 workout until 7:00 and get ready until 8:00 and study the scriptures untill 9:00 have a companion ship study/practice/plan until 10:00 and then study spanish until 11:00 but my spanish study always gets cut up and most days we dont have it. The rest of the day varies depending on investigators and meetings and stuff like that. We return home at 9:00 or 9:30. P-day is the same. I get up at 6:15 do the normal routine (except instead of working out we clean) and then at 10:00 p-day starts and then it ends at 6:00 where we leave and go preach. BUT I cant wear normal clothes obn pday... its a rule of our mission. So I am always wearing a skirt! Freaking. haha
9. What's the biggest/ worse bug you have seen yet? CUCARACHAS freaking ginourmous cockroaches!
10. What American food is there? KFC, burger king, subway, pizza hut.... but they are in the mall outside of my sector. I can go there on P-days. Ecuador is really weird one moment you are in a little shack and then next you are in a mall. OH and the KFC is weird.. it doesnt have mashed potatoes (sorry mariah) but it sells rice instead! haha Que rado!
11. What's your exercise routine? We run to this little ghetto park thing.... run around it acouple times... then run home! Sometimes we run to the bridge it is soooo pretty in the morning! and (as of recently) ive been trying to do squats, situps, pushups- stuff like that too.
12. How often do you go to the mission home? Never. Haha thats where the mission president and his wife live I was there my first day here and never again... the mission office is a building where he works.. annnd ive been there 3 times. Interviews, sometimes meetings for newbies, annnd when I arrived. Haha but the two sisters that live with me are mission nurses so they go there all the time.
13. What food is in your refrigerator ? / freezer? Haha... milk, ramen, bread, ham, eggs. tortillas,apples, weird fruits that I cant spell, and my companions food. We dont eat at home much. We eat lunch everyday with the members and breakfast is like... a sandwhich and an apple.. and dinner.. no se. We get home at 9:00 and plan until 9:30 so We dont really have time for much else. We eat eggs alot though haha
14. Do your feet hurt/ knees etc.  ....should we send a band aid? Lol feet, not really. They are ugly as heck though! haha freaking walking all day long. knees, sometimes. Just when all of our appointments fall through because then we walk more. But by the morning time they are fine. Y Gracias pero no gracias for the bandaides, haha ustedes son chistosos.
15. What's your favorite scripture? Poop. No se.. I have many. And I dont have my scriptures with me right now but D&C 4 is what i am working on becoming!
16. Have you had to memorize the first vision? In spanish, yes. haha I wanna know it in english too.
17. Have you eaten seafood etc? Yes siree! haha not too much though. If I get transferred west it will be an everyday thing.
18. How's the toilet paper and toilets? ....flush or trash can ...(dad and Garret's ? ) Our house is fine, you can flush the TP at our house. But pretty much everywhere else you cant, even the church! and for this reason a lot of the bathrooms really stink like a portapotty. 
19. What's the one thing you crave? CARPET, haha that annnnd hmm.... raviolis.
20. What is your Sundays like? Crazy busy! We are walking literally alllllllll day haha we dont have any of our usual studies we get up in the morning get ready, go to consejo de barrio at 9:00 and the walk allllll day reminding everyone about church and bringing investigators a la iglesia. our church services start at 3:00 in the afternoon and end at 6:00
21. How many members are in your ward? Is there a youth group etc. ? Um... arround 100  attend buuuut there are a lot of inactive people. Also, a lot of people leave and go home after sacrament. We have one deacon, 18 year old, a 60 year old, and a 71 year old pass the sacrament. haha and two preists like...19 yrs old bless it. and its funny because the deacon has a white shirt and tie... tucked into his baby blue jeans! but the ward is pretty big. (nothing like the states... but not bad) as of right now we dont have a bishop... he moved houses, surprise! so the stake president is helping out until they call someone else.
22. What is your favorite desert there? Icecream... I havent really had the opportunity to try much else. but they make reallly reallly good bread here.
23. How hot is summer going to be? hot hot HOT haha... the tempature is hot but its the intense sun and the humidity is what gets ya. 
24.  Do the people you serve have tv/ electricity etc.  what luxuries do they have? its actually really werid. Houses will be like cement floor, plastic chairs and tables, tin roof... but then they will have a HUGE flat screen tv. haha... I dont understand it.. 
25.  Have you seen or are u close to the amazon or ocean?Ocean, no I am too far inland. But the other cities in this mission are right on the coast. Some sisters live pretty much on the beach! haha so thats cool. Amazonish type stuff, yes ive seen it.. there are mountiains by my sector where monkeys live haha so thats cool. I havent seen any monkeys yet though. The mountains/hill thingys are too far out of my sector. So ive seen amazon type things, and im closer to that then the ocean... buuuut i dont live in it and its out of my sector.
26. How often are transfers? Do you know what determines when you get transferred? every six weeks... we find out next sunday if I have transfers. annnd no its soley on president he does all of that. But I finish my training this week so I am eligible for transfers! I am nervous! Because they might make me senior companion! or trainer! is the traffic? Are there cars? Buses? Etc.traffic is SCARY the people here are CRAZY i have seen people almost die about a million times. We use buses and taxis when we need to go somewhere outside of our sector. The buses are funny because we are all like little sardines and ppl come on the bus trying to sell things, or to sing for money, beg for money, its nuts!
28. What's shopping like? Stores.? ummm.... there are little food markets, little tiny tienda thingys that are really cute or there is a store.. but there isnt annnny walmarts in ecuador. So that sucks. But yeah, fruits and veggies are bought in a little tiny market thingy.. everything else is just a different store. But they have quite a few american stuff so thats nice.
29. Would you consider it very poor? Some parts more poor then I could ever describe to you guys... and other parts pretty american but all in all its deffinitely not america.
30. How far away are you from the city?
31 have you seen any shacks? Villages? Shacks, yes. Villages no. Research otavalo... I want to go there some day after my mission! but its not in my mission haha so I cant here.. annnnd the village type stuff with natives and stuff like that is in the amazon.
32. We seen a picture of you cooking on floor? Do you have a stove etc? our power went out in our kitchen.. so we brought our little electric stove to the room. and had to cook on the floor. We dont have an oven but we have a micro and electric stove.
33. What's the most exotic animal etc. Ecuador has? um... there birds? the iguanas? haha I really dont know
34. Do you use a cell phone like our missionaries? Yep me and my companion share a little crappy brick cell phone.
35. How often do you give lessons? multiple times every single day. Even on bad days haha 1-5 times every day
36. What's the hardest thing of your mission, easiest thing?Missing home, change of life style... the language! Easiest issss.... hmm... I dont know.. haha sleeping at nighttime!
37. Do they celebrate any Holidays we don't? Yep dia de niƱos and carnival!
38. Did you remember we get to skype on Christmas ? :D´hahaha yes I remember lol nutso
39.  What is the schooling like there? normal, the schools are really ghetto though and sometimes scary looking annnnd they alllll wear uniforms. allll of the schools.
40. You understanding/writing the language better? yep! little by little. Its hard to understand people sometimes because they talk fast!
41. How is Cameron doing? Good. I miss hiom lots, but he is doing good and loving chile!

I love you all! Have a good week!

-Hna Miller

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