Monday, October 13, 2014

Stupid Computer!

Hey guys! I am trying really hard to get the computer to send the pictures and videos but its really not wanting to cooperate. GRR, ANGRY MEGAN.

I hope you guys had a good week, this week went by really fast but was actually a pretty cruddy week. Three of our baptismal dates fell through, One of our Investigators told us he doesnt want to listen anymore or be baptized because he wants to be catholic. AND  I got asked if im pregnant two times this week. So thats just fantastic. People here dont have brain filters. So I get told "wow you used to be skinny when you got here" and stuff like that all the time. Haha I just want to say ITS NOT MY FAULT YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES FEEDING ME, GOSH DANGGIT! but I just smile and laugh. Haha and I get told by ladies in our ward that I need to wash my face more so that I wont have as many zits... what they dont know is I am stressed out of my mind and sweaty like 100% of the day haha. The truth is my skin has gotten worse, just because of the climate, and I have gained weight. But ya know what? I dont even care. Its not like Im trying to attract a husband or anything. It would just be nice to feel pretty every once and awhile. Plus I found a store that sells face wash from the US. 

Also, dad... you are going to be so jealous. I ATE CRAB! Fresh from the ocean. It was the most beautiful plate of crab I have ever seen in my entire life. I decided that I cant come home. Im just gonna stay here, get fat, and eat crab the rest of my life. But its cool because instead of using a fork or one of those cracker thing they use a little wooden board and a little wooden mallet and you just smash it hahaha it was fun. The crabs still had thir body and eyes and everything, so that was a little weird. 

Also, the other day I was walking down the street and saw.... *drumroll* A CHICKEN FIGHT! haha like a real live legit chicken fight. the people had chickens with ropes tied around their ankles and theyd throw the chickens together and the roosters would freak out and try to kill eachother. I told my companion that its ilegal to do that in the US and she thought that it was pretty funny. 

Health wise im alright, Ive been having back pain this week, So the nurses popped my back for me... buuuut it feels the same so thats annoying. haha Ill be fine though, just gotta put my big girl panties on and stop whining about it. 

Today I am going to something called the mercardo artisinal, AND IM SO eXCited. Google it! haha It will be really cool and I will take pictures for you guys... but ya these computers are really dumb, I will keep trying to send them to you!


Love you all!
Hermana Miller

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