Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another one bites the dust. HEY!

Another week down! This week went by so so so fast! Was full of tons of stuff to do. Luckily we got everything done.

This week I felt alot better. My back doesnt hurt anymore so thats good news, solo needed to be popped acouple times. and now im alllllll better haha

Thank you for all the emails and pictures! You guys make me laugh. I just flipping love p-day, but this hour to email goes by so quick. So if I dont respond to all of your questions and stuff IM SORRY, just know I love you and really appreciate your emails!

This week we had stake conference and Hector, (the dad of the little girl that I gave the rubber ducky) recieved the priesthood sunday :) It made me so happy to see that even though we get stood up, lied to, and let down.. my efforts are changing peoples lives! Hector, Evelyn, and the little girl Sofia are now preparing themselves to get sealed in the temple para eternidad!

So its only rained 3 times during all of my time here in Ecuador.. BUT ... winter is coming which means MORE humidity... MORE heat.. and A LOT of rain! So here we go! But dont worry I am drinking tons of water haha. Also, yesterday was the HOTTEST day I have ever expirienced in my life! The sun here is INCREDIBLE and my tan lines are oh so funny.

Hermana Saucedo y Hermana Quist work en la oficina and they told me they saw my name in the package pile! So that means tomorrow we´ll see what happens! :) :) YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST haha and the other missionaries make fun of me.. buuut I know they are all just jealous. ,)

Also, someone needs to come down here and bathe all the dogs. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE Ecuador is full of stray dogs... which reminds me... I need to clean my shoes... I stepped in a little "surprise" if ya know what I mean.

I love you all! Spanish is doing well, I progress more and more everyday. Some days are super hard, but God is always there helping me through!

Con CariƱo,

Hermana Miller

 I seen Hermana Hobbs again my CCM companion!
 I missed Hermana Hobbs!

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