Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dos Meses

Buenas! Como Estan? 

I sure do miss you guys!

This week was so wierd, haha so many blessings and so many trials all wrapped in one. Not being able to speak is SO. FRUSTRATING. I am trying to be myself and show my personality but its difficult when you cant say what you wanna say.

Picture yourself. In a COMPLETELY different country, surrounded by culture and language that you dont know. Then going through a long hard day where people let you down and reject you, laying down at night exhausted and then waking up and doing it again. hahaha  loca loca la vida de una misionera. BUT GUESS WHAT.. for some odd reason I LOVE IT. Haha whenever I am having a hard time or feeling like "Thats it, im calling president and going home!" I think of my Savior, and how he was rejected and how he suffered more than I could ever imagine but was still able to continue on and love the people. I try my hardest everyday to think of him and his example for me.

In other news my first baptisms were GREAT! The spirit was so strong and made alllllll of my hard times so so worth it. Sadly, I cant send pictures right now because I am on surprise splits with other sisters and my equipment esta en la casa. So stay tuned on pictures of the baptism and such haha lo siento! 

But in all seriousness I know I made the right decision. I have really great days, and really bad days. But every day is worth it in this work. I love you all so so much and wish you the best! 

Funny note for the day: Its normal for guys here to just whip it out in the middle of the street and go pee! haha Oh my goodness. Lol.. so strange but whatever. Gotta love Ecuador!

Cameron entered the mission field this week, dad had a birthday, Jess and Sam had their first anniversary, and as of today I have been a missionary for two months! Wow!

Les Amo!

Hna Miller

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