Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Facts about Hermana Miller

One, we dont have a water heater so my showers are VERY cold
Two, my milk comes in a box or a bag that isnt refrigerated (but its safe to drink dont worry mom)
three, there are stray dogs and cats everywhere and they somehow figure out how to climb onto the roofs of houses haha
four, the key to our house is this huge antique looking thing, I will try and send ya a pic next week

I hope I have time to write this! haha
during one of our lessons with a woman named anita we were having a super hard time focusing her because she was on her phone, falling asleep, interruptting us, explaining the birth of her child in GREAT DETAIL when all the sudden she laid down on the ground, and started breastfeeding! She just whipped it out right there! and the kid is like 2 or 3! haha he just walked up to her and started standing there nursing while we were in the middle of a lesson.. hahahaha oh my.. hows strange.. haha talk about a tough lesson. We invited her and a bunch of people to church and they all accepted but only one came .. so that sucked.
What a weird life.
Sorry no pictures this week!

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