Friday, March 9, 2012

Stresses and dresses!

My oh my, one word: Prom. It confuses me the way some girls approach this. They are more like wild animals crouched down in attack mode ready to pounce at the first boy, dress, shoes, makeup (even underwear) that they need to make their night perfect. I myself, am excited (SO EXCITED) however dreading the quickly approaching need for a dress. I'm preparing myself for the dangerous activity of hunting for something to wear. Some girls are talented in this activity, they may even enjoy it! On the other hand theres me, going from store to store only to face the dangers ahead of me. Squeezing into dresses that don't come in my size, becoming entangled in the confusing contraptions with more straps than most parachutes, and suficating myself in the many layers of dresses I try on, all in hopes to find "The one." Wish me luck? Untill next time, seeya then.


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