Thursday, March 15, 2012

My car is a spaz....... Oh Goodie

Hello again, man this week has just been one of those weeks I guess. Long, boring, bad luck, awkward moments you name it! I have to say though, my little car, has been the biggest hitter so far this time around. Wanna know why? No? Who cares, i'll tell you anyway. Acouple days ago me and my older sister Jess were driving to the mall when all the sudden the temperature light came on and a beeper kept going off. It was NOT good, we ended up calling my mom, pulling over more than twice, and hurrying home so we didnt explode. (Okay.. maybe it wasnt as dramatic as exploding...but you get my point.) Anyways we took it to a repair shop where they told us many phrases in which I did not understand. Some such as radiator, crack, tube, leak, and so on. Two things I did understand though were 1. Broken, and 2. expensive. So whoopdie doo, car pools, bus rides, and lack of independence. See ya next time.
 P.s. Dont be hatin' the flames...

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