Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hola todos!


Hola mi familia! Es un buen dia aqui en el CCM!

Nosotros tenemos muchas clases y un lista grande de cosas hacer!

I love you all so much ! Thank you for the emails! I hope all is well for you!

This week was a rough one, but I learned a lot. Not every day can be a good day, but doesn't mean I cant try to make it one! 

The food here is pretty weird, sometimes its Mexican, sometimes they try to be American but they realllllly like goat cheese here, they put it on EVERYTHING hahaha... but I actually like it. Funny story though, the other day, my friends in my district and some Latinas were eating together and they had put a TON of this hot sauce stuff in their sopa and so we thought, ya know, why not? So we tried some too... turns out it was HABENERO PEPPER SALSA! Never making that mistake again.... haha the latinas were laughing so hard lol. They call us Gringas a lot.. but its okay because they all know mi corazon es Latina ,)

Also... an elder in my district ate a cockroach haha like a BIG one... ew... I have no idea why...

Love you all! Hope all is well. 

Love, Hermana Miller

 my new scripture case!

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