Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Missionaries Prayer: By Hermana Miller


A Missionaries Prayer
By: Hermana Miller

Dear Lord my heart is breaking
my mind it seems so full
am I strong enough today?
towards home my heart does pull

I question my decision
I wonder why I´m here
dear God above please hear me
please help me calm this fear

I need thee every hour
and this I swear is true
the hours, minutes, seconds pass
my heart it turns to you

the decision wasn't easy
my knees, they ache from prayer
help me to find my purpose
what message should I share?

There I knelt upon the ground
with tears fresh from my eyes
as I try to find my words
my tired body sighs

As I laid there seeking sleep
I felt a peace inside
I closed my eyes, I counted sheep
the pain it did subside

While in my dreams, fast asleep
I perceived a curious sight
I saw a man, standing there
more glorious than light

but as he came in closer
I recognized his face
it was my brother Jesus
with all his love and grace

He told me that he loves me,
he calmed my every nerve
he told me of my purpose
saying "You are called to serve"

He told me of some people
I knew them long ago
I met them up in heaven
before we came below

He said that they are waiting
for me to find them there
to share with them a message
to show them someone cares

But brother I feel lonely,
I miss my life before
my heart and mind are tired
and my feet they are so sore

He showed to me his hands and feet
I felt the marks thereof
He told me that the pain he felt
was all an act of love

He knows just how I'm feeling
He´s felt it all before
with his strength I'm worthy
and this I know for sure

When I woke that morning
my mindset had been changed
for now I knew my purpose
I take with me his name

That morning getting ready
I felt his spirit there
pinning on my name tag, smiling-
finally knowing what to share

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