Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Ate Octopus!!!!!

Hello everyone!

This week went by super fast, I feel like yesterday was P-day. But guess what? WE HAVE TWO PEOPLE THAT ARE GONNA GET BAPTIZED! Omar and his 9 year old son Jahir! They are so happy and they cant wait. The gospel really changes peoples lives for the better!

Also, this sunday we actually brought people to church! Woohoo! SUCCESS! lol por fin!

These past months have been killer but they are finally paying off. 

ALSO.... I ate octopus! AND I LOVED IT. It was so yummy I could eat it everyday. Weirdest things i've eaten? Chicken feet, cow stomache, octopus...and some stuff that I really dont have any idea what it is la verdad. Haha STILL no guinea pig... but ive got my fingers crossed.

We had to walk through an outdoor market yesterday to get to church and it was so cool! Fruit ive never seen or heard of, and fish bigger than savannah! Im not even kidding it was huge! octopus, crabs, you name it!

Well, its official I am now the Hermana Leader in my zone. President came out from guayaquil to interview us and in my interview he told me that I am the next "Lidereza" in our zone. Now every month I have to travel to guayaquil for a leadership meeting to see how we can help out our zone. Its like when dad was moved from market manager to Regional. Haha so thats cool.

Well! Hope you all had a good week! Love ya'll

Hermana Miller

walking and walking and walking!!!! Blisters and Blisters and Blisters








                                                                  THIS IS A MEDICAL BUILDING! YIKES!


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