Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Birthday(to me)!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I only have time to write one email right now, so please forgive me if I dont respond to your personal messages!
Today we were in a Leadership meeting all day, and for this reason I couldnt write. I am one of six in the whole mission! Wow! What pressure! haha I have a lot of praying to do! But I am up for the challenge, I feel such a big need to help and I love this work!
As for my packages, I still havent recieved anything :( But thats okay, its the thought that counts! I dont feel like its my birthday tomorrow, and its so weird that I am 20 years old! I feel so old even though I am one of the youngest in the mission, haha and my companion doesnt let me forget how "baby" I am compared to her.
But thanks for all the birthday wishes! I will write you all next week! I love you all so much!!
love, Megan
P.s. MARIAH, be careful! you made me all worried! ice pack heat pack REPEAT haha I love ya sis- 
and Jessica... You made me cry! Your house looks beautiful. I am so happy for you. 

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