Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chao Hermana Espinoza!

Well, transfers came and went.... I didnt have transfers, but my companion did! And let me tell you.... I am absolutely terrified. I only have 6 weeks in this sector.... I dont know where ANYTHING is... and now I have to find all the houses and appointments and the truth is? Ive never been so lost and stressed in my whole entire life. 

Luckily my new companion tells me she is good with directions and all that stuff... so lets just say its pretty much like we are starting from zero. She has the same time as sister espinoza (4 months) and so I am senior companion again. She is from peru aswell. My third peruvian in a row! Haha, she is really short and seems nice, a little quiet, but will see how it goes. She talks about her old sector a TON and I dont think she is happy she had cambios. She is 28 years old and we get along good so far :) I am just really really stressed out about the sector.. I am lost all the time! haha please pray that I will remember the streets and houses!

This week went by super fast, the temple was amazing, as always, and its awesome to go through the temple in pure Spanish! it makes me feel cool, lol We also had a conference with other zones and we got to see president and sister dennis. AND I SAW HERMANA HOBBS :) So that was fun.

This saturday is the womans conference! I hope you all can go see it!

any questions for me about my sector or companion??

I love you all! Have a good week.
-Hna Miller

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