Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Walking and Walking and Walking!!!!!!!

HELLO I am glad to say that this week is over haha, it was probably the longest week of my entire mission. BUT hard work and obedience pays off! We have a family that is gonna get baptized! Gloria (the mom) and her son Danner (13 year old son that reminds me of garret) are getting baptized this Saturday, and Tamara (the 23 year old daughter) and Jocelyn (the 21 year old daughter in law) will be baptized the NEXT Saturday. So that's way exciting! The dad Antonio, and the older son Cesar don't wanna listen to us still, but I know they will come around eventually-
This family is a miracle really because other than them... we don't really have anything else... just a couple of investigators that aren't really progressing. That's why the title of this email says "walking and walking and walking" because we don't have many people and when THEY aren't home or they are busy we spend the time contacting trying to find new people.... we talk to EVERYONE and we get rejected ALLLLLLLLLLLL day long haha but whatever.. we are doing our part! and I know someone is out there waiting for us! 

I tried a new fruit this week its called Guaba.... its this long dry pea pod looking thing that you crack open and there are big fat seeds covered in white slimy fuzz...and guess what part you eat??? THE WHITE SLIMY COTTON LOOKING FUZZ! haha The flavor is good... but the texture is like a cotton ball lol
Me and my companion are still good and still working hard. Its just a little rough sometimes because she is starting her mission.. and she gets down sometimes so I just try really hard to be my goofy smiley self and that seems help!
I love you all SO MUCH, stay healthy! and this week I HAVE NINE MONTHS IN THE MISSION!
love, Hna Miller



I miss you so so s ssososososossooooooooooooo much! I'm sending big hugs and kisses your way! What did you get? I like your unicorn! ITS SO FLUFFY!
is your cake yummy? are you gonna have a party??? I sure hope s. I love you panda and cant believe you are nine years old! That is crazy! stop growing up okay????
Keep your eye on the mail, you have a card coming your way allllllllll the way from Ecuador :) I love ya sis, be good and keep being silly :) Feliz cumpeaƱos
luv, meg  

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