Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So Many Pictures!

Okay, this week I sent tons of pictures, so finally you can see whats been going on! haha

Gloria and Danner were baptized and confirmed this weekend and this NEXT weekend her daughter Tamara and her daughter in law Jocelyn are gonna be baptize   

                                                     filling the font!


So these past couple weeks have been successful but now I am a little worried because outside of that family... no one really is progressing, haha the people here are really humble, yes... but not trusting really at all. So its hard to find someone who doesn't reject us but when we DO find them it makes it all worth it. 

This week went by pretty fast, I still cant believe its March... and we are already making plans for April.. Its nuts! I am officially half way done with my mission!... I don't really know how I feel about that haha


Also, I am hoping and praying that my companion doesn't have transfers! I am completely lost here. If I, Megan Miller... get lost in LAKEVILLE of all places... I am pretty much screwed. Haha this sector is HUGE and flat as flat can be and they don't use directions here its like "hey can we have your address so we know how to come back?" and they are like sure "Its the house made out of sticks and cement blocks, third one down on the right, with a hammock out front." ... and we are usually like... uhhh.... "anything else? alot of houses have that description" and that's when they say ... "ya my husbands usually out front drunk all the time, and we have a dog with three legs... just find the street and shout for me"....... haha and I'm just sitting there like... Well. You pretty much just described ALL of Esperanza, but okay. And not many people have phones either haha so its hard, but whatever lol... Follow the spirit! haha

I really do like my sector, its just reallllly unique hahahaha... I am gaining so many new expiriences everyday! I have quite a bit to share with you all when I get home. Lol

In two weeks we have a mission conference and we get to go to the temple in Guayaquil WOOHOO!!! I am so excited!

I love you all! Things are good here! XOXOX

Sister Sunblock

                                                             Mi Casa!  


The cemetery I visited a few weeks ago!


Just Walking and Walking and Walking!


Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!  Just another look into my life as a missionary in Ecuador!

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