Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mom I got the packages!!!!!

Mom! I got the packages! all three! haha and a little letter from valentines day! I still havent recieved the last package (The leaders havent brought in mail yet) but they told me that its here :) I opened one day valentines (and already ate everything) haha and the hump day package, that I LOVE haha the tshirts are awesome and I love the camel

It made me super super happy, and I loved all of it! thank you so so much. there are tons of missionaries who go there whole mission without a single package... annnnd then theres me... little miss spoiled skirt :) hahah I love ya guys

I am doing good, not sick, nothing, just a little down this week but I am doing fine and working hard :) And tomorrow I get to go to the temple! so we will be traveling to guayaquil and get to to a session! WOOHOOOO haha i am excited. Also, my companion is awesome, we get along great haha!


I love you all! Behave yourselves!
Love Hermana Miller

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