Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Here I am!

This summer has been anything but boring. I've moved out, traveled to Provo, and experienced life here at BYU.

My semester here in Provo is almost over but I've had memories and experienced things I will never forget. Although it will be hard to leave to Idaho this fall I know that if I work hard and try my best everything will turn out how it's supposed to be.

Anyways, here goes a little mini review of whats been going on......

I've hiked waterfalls with my roommate Caree!
Chilled with my FHE group!
Went dancing with my man!
Watched Fireworks!

and sooooooo much more stuff. I truly am having the time of my life here. Sure I have my ups and downs but I know this is where I want to be and I cant wait to see where life takes me. Feeling good!


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