Tuesday, October 22, 2013

College Chapter Two: Rexburg, Idaho

Hey guys! 

Its been awhile, I'd be surprised if anyone actually reads this any more, but I thought i'd update you guys on what's going on! After summer semester ended I moved in with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brian :) I chilled with their little kiddos and actually got to take their school pictures for them! It was a lot of fun.

 Gotta love her boots!
 City Piano
 I love these little chickens :)
 One, Two, Three- JUMP!
 He hated me for it, but I got a good pic of him!
 Gotta love her sass!
 Say cheese!
 Sweet smiling :)
 Got the pretty blue eyes!
 Handsome guy :)
 Silly kiddos, I miss them!
 I love my little red :)
Stopped at the train station!
After I lived with them for a couple months I packed up my little Ford Fiesta and drove four hours to little 'ole Rexburg. I had never been to Idaho and didn't really know what to expect, but lets just say all the assumptions are correct. Lots of fields, lots of potatoes, and not a whole lot of anything else. As you guy's know I never planned on going to BYU-I but life threw me a curve ball and here I am to make the best of it! 

Life here is going good, I'm still trying to adjust but I just gotta give it a chance. I miss my friends in Provo and my family in Minnesota but I talk to them often and Cameron and I try to visit each other as often as we can. IN FACT, me and my roommate Emily went down to Provo for General Conference a couple weeks ago! Me and Cameron went on a super fun date with a comedy show, ice skating, tandem bike ride, he pulled out ALLLL the stops! I'm so lucky to have a guy like him :) Count your blessings right?

Also, another blessing is my roomie Emily :) I've known her since Sophomore year in High school and lets just say we've been through lots together. Even though we bicker she keeps me sane! I love her!

So here I am trying to take life one step at a time! I know that even though we experience hard times in life we can still take a step back and try to appreciate the little things! 

-A nerd named Megan!

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