Friday, November 22, 2013

Late-Night Pizza (Experiences of a college student)

Hello everyone,

Just sitting here on a random Friday night with nothing going on so I thought I'd make a quick post. College life is pretty much what everyone says it is. In simple terms I'd say it's tiring, stressful, exciting, busy, fun, crazy, overall it is an adventure. Here are some random things that have gone on the past two semesters to explain what I mean:

1. Late/early trips to Denny's!
This summer me and my friends would randomly find ourselves hungry around one in the morning so we would think to ourselves "Why not?" It taught me that pancakes taste good at ANY time.

2. Movie Marathons
No joke, I do not think me or my roommate Emily have ever seen so many movies in this short of a time span in our entire lives. From Disney to romance we have pretty much watched it all!

3. Homework Binges
Okay... I know this isn't a GOOD thing but its impressive nonetheless. Lets just say sometimes I let procrastination get the best of me so there are some days where it is non-stop cramming.

4. Creative shopping
This one is funny yet sad. What I mean by it is obviously, being a college kid, I am broke. This however, gives me the opportunity to get creative with planning meals and grocery shopping all the while paying for gas!

5. Weird Sleep Schedule
Late nights early mornings, early nights, late mornings! With different classes throughout the week my sleep is never really "scheduled" sometimes I sleep in some days I get up early!
(lets just say, on the early days I do NOT look cute)

6. Roomies
My roommate as you guys know is my friend Emily Briggs and its been great! We are both stubborn as heck and always driving each other nuts but I wouldn't trade her for anyone! Having a roommate is like having a sleepover with your best friend every night!

College has been great and definitely a new experience. There are some things that suck but even the cons help me learn and grow as a person! I love college and I love the experiences it has brought me!

-Tired of laundry, homework, and ramen but loving it all the same!

XOXO- a student named Megan

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