Monday, December 2, 2013

Fa-La-La-La-La'ing in Love with Winter

Hey guys! It's officially winter, and you know what that means! CHRISTMAS TIME. This is my favorite time of year. Hot cocoa, candy canes, presents, family, lights, sales, nativity, decorations, and Christmas music (I started that last one a couple weeks ago.... guilty as charged.)

This weekend I got into the Christmas spirit by heading out to temple square to see the lights with my man! It was SO much fun! When I came back home to Idaho my apartment was all decked out with decorations, Santa baby is playing on the radio, Christmas hymns in church, big sales in stores.... I cant help but feel it.

I've been infected by the Christmas bug. 

So now combining Christmas fever with my love for making lists I decided to make a "Holiday Bucket-List"

  1. Make homemade Hot-Chocolate
  2. Do at least ONE Pinterest-decoration idea
  3. Make a snowman
  4. Have a snowball fight (and win)
  5. Go sledding
  6. Fall asleep by the fire
  7. Make a "Christmas playlist"
  8. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater
  9. Make a gingerbread house
  10. Make snow angels! 
  11. Drink LOADS of eggnog (non-alcoholic of course)
  12. Make gingerbread men FOR my gingerbread house
  13. Make gingerbread women FOR my gingerbread men
  14. Go frolicking in the snow 
  15. Hot tubbing/rolling in the snow (This is one of those "You know you're from Minnesota IF....")
  16. Catch snowflakes on my tongue
  17. Listen to ALL of the Elvis Presley Christmas songs EVER
  18. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" 
  19. Spend way too much time on ABC Family
  20. Spend as MUCH time with loved ones as I can :)
What are YOUR Christmas plans this year????

Talk to ya next time!
-A Christmas-Crazy named Megan

My man :) Such a sweetie :)

(Don't know what that is? Check out for more info)

Remember that CHRIST should always be a part of Christmas.

Merry (almost) Christmas!

PS........ It just started snowing.

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