Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Super Gringa!!!!!!!

Hello, My name is Sister Miller. Sometimes I forget that I am a gringa until I get some weird Jungle Influenza haha... 

So Ive been sick this week. Lol Monday allllll day and tuesday alllllll day I was stuck in the house with my companion with a super high fever of like 102.5, bone pain, headache, diareah, you name it. It was fantastic! Not, haha. The nurses told me that it couldve been Dengue or Chikungunya but luckily the fever went away and turns out I just had some really weird flu stuff.

Wednesday my fever went away and so we decided to go out and work... and guess what? WE WERE BLESSED FOR MY SACRIFICE, maybe I didnt feel all that well but we went out and worked for a little bit and we found someone SUPER excited about the gospel and he will be getting baptized the 25 of july!! Woohoo! His name is Francisco :)

Wednesday night at like 6 we went to Guayaquil because I had a leadership counsel meeting Thursday all day and we stayed the night close to a couple of my old sectors. So that was fun, I got to see some of my missionary friends from other zones. 

I saw Hermana Cordova, who told me that acouple of my converts have started returning back to some old habbits... and one has stopped attending church. It hurt me so bad to know that they are using their agency in a way that will only bring them problems. I know I am doing my part but it made me sad to know that not everyone will endure to the end.

Today, I will be traveling to Guayaquil again (sorry I have to take out money) to go renew my Visa haha,.... its weird to think that my visa is already close to expiring.

Other than that yesterday we were teaching a man that had never attended church but  felt so strongly to talk to him about baptism.. and guess what?? Now he will be getting baptized the 8th of August! haha and now he cant wait for Sunday! His name is Miguel :)

The Lord blesses us for our obedience!

Love, Sister Miller

super gringa!!!!super sick!

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