Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello Columbia!

Well this week was...... really long to be honest haha
The two baptismal dates that we had fell through and it really sucks. Miguel didnt show up to church and he like.. disapeared haha his family talks really bad about the church and so he doesnt really know what to do because he wants to get baptized. And Francisco moved :( his wife lives like 6 hours away and she has been really sick. He was just gonna go visit her to see if she was alright but then like one day later he came back, gathered all of his stuff and decided that he was gonna go live there and stay there. So that sucks, the good news though is that him and his wife are gonna get baptized, just not here with us... So kind of mixed feelings haha.

How are things on your end?? Lol Gloria, Danners mom is gonna make me a dress! Wohoo! haha so that is really exciting. She is really good at sewing.

OH YEAH I ALMOST FORGOT! They almost kicked me out of Ecuador (haha okay.. thats an exaggeration) but so like I told you guys last week I had to renew my visa... we drove 2 hours to guyaquil signed like 2 or 3 papers took our picture (we were there like 10 mintues) and then drove 2 hours home.. haha talk about frustrating. But turns out they changed the format and so if the office elders didnt change our documents and stuff in time they were gonna send us to columbia haha. The next day we had to travel AGAIN at like 6 in the morning to go to guayaquil and sign other papers! haha but this time wasnt AS frustrating because I was able to have an interview with my mission president despues and he is so cool. Haha So i have had to use quite a bit of money this week in travels (SORRY) but the office will re-emburse (i cant spell) haha 

I spent those two days traveling with Hermana Hobbs because she had to renew her stuff too. It was so much fun!

I love and miss you guys so much! Pretty soon here I will have 14 months! YIKES.

Love, Sister Miller

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