Thursday, September 10, 2015

Surprise Transfers!

Well, just like the title of this email says... I had transfers! It came as a huge surprise! Right now I am in guayaquil... until about wednesday! BUT SO MANY CRAZY THINGS!

They closed my sector and opened it up again with two new sisters. Hermana Moya is now in my old sector Mapasingue with my old companion Hermana Velez finishing her training. I am going to be OPENING SECTOR and TRAINING annnnd I have a new calling as Sister Leader. Instead of being incharge of four sisters im incharge of EIGHT!!!!

Opening sector means that we are starting from zero. Like... I have never been to that place before and neither has my companion. We have zero investigators, no contacts, references, nada! haha I have absolutely no idea where to start. Needless to say, pray for me! (which I already know that you do, haha) I am honored and excited for this new calling. It means that Presidente Dennis (And the Lord) trust in me to be able to do it. Iknow with there help- I can! and will do anything the Lord asks me to do. 

I was really sad to leave my old sector. I had been there 7 months! Thats the longest time ive been in one sector! normally I was only there for about 4 months. I love Esperanza, and we had to leave behind a kid named Cristofer who will be getting baptized this Saturday. He cried when we told him that we werent gonna beable to be in his baptism but he assured us that someone else needed us more. It was SO HARD to say goodbye to the people there.... haha but I made them a promise (and I pray everyday that I can complete it) that I will come back someday! 

My new sector is called Portoviejo, La Paz 2. I have absolutely no idea what its like. BUT I heard that house has hot water! WOOHOO!! Haha, we will be four sisters living together and its about 4 hours outside of Guayaquil... so even FARTHER away! haha its in the North I think. Lol I will get there on Thursday I think! 

Right now I just have a temporary companion, haha I will be working in La Florida Guayaquil until my new "hija" comes! 

I love you all! These weeks certainly have been a trial of faith but it just shows just how much God really trusts in someone as self-conscious and imperfect as me! I am happy! Honored, Stressed, but super happy!

Thats just the life of the mission I guess.

Starting a new chapter!
-Hermana Miller

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